Scion FR-S - The SPORTS car that comes in your budget!

2015-05-17 09:46:04
Scion FR-S - The SPORTS car that comes in your budget!
Scion FR-S - The SPORTS car that comes in your budget!

Scion is the vehicle brand that is produced by Toyota for the North American market. It was founded in 2002. The main goal of Scion is to claim to Generation Y consumers. The first models of Scion were xA 

Hatchback and xB wagon. They went on sale in 2003 in California.

Scion FR-S is estimated to be a price value of $ 25,670 and is also available on the lease value of $ 349/mo. FR-S is a sports car that comes easily to your budget. It features excellent driving oscillation and gestures for a manageable price. There is the only single engine with the power of 200HP 2.0L flat-4 with a 6-speed manual or a six- speed automatic. The Scion FR-S manual shift is a no-nonsense, solid feel while automatic paddle-shift is responsive and very quick. The cabin, however, is plasticky and cramped. The cabin is designed for the drivers, especially. Due to its limited Centre of Gravity, FR-S is very spirited and buoyant giving its big fish adjuration in a comparatively small pond of cheap and economical sports car.

Some important features of the car are:

1.       It gives a mileage of 23/30 mpg.

2.       The horsepower of the car is 200 hp.

3.       Top speed goes to about 136 mph.

The car has a bolt - on supercharger by TRD (Toyota Racing development) and a turbo FA engine switched in from the Forester. While these are the most blessing features of the car, a convertible The model will soon be launched as a part of the car’s mid-cycle freshening!

Though, the rear seats of this amazing sports car will be sacrificed in the process. The only question that people have in mind about the upcoming convertible model is, that, will it be a Subaru, a Scion, or both?

In the first 6 months of sales, the competitors managed to have sold more than 15,000 examples while FR- S is on its way to becoming the Scion’s bestseller! No doubt, the car is a hit.

The 2015 Scion FR- S comes with a four-cylinder engine which many critics say is not especially fast and has acceleration more like that which is found in affordable mid-size cars. But, they do agree that it feels responsive. Although, the automotive journalists do believe and appreciate the smooth shifting action of The 6- speed manual transmission. They say that it gives exceptionally quick shifts.

FR-S is believed to be a star on the twisty roads and its handling, and communicative steering makes it truly appealing to drive! The suspension system of the car is revised in 2015 which, the auto writers feel that it makes the FR- S more planted than the previous model. According to the test drivers, finding a good position to drive is simple. They have said that even on lengthy drives the seats are comfortable 

and supportive for the drivers. Not only this, FR- S 2015 model comes with a USB port, Bluetooth and 8-speaker Pioneer audio system with a 6.1 in. the touchscreen display!

Scion models:

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