Saturn- ION- A different kind of Car Company

2015-05-17 09:45:02
Saturn- ION- A different kind of Car Company
Saturn- ION- A different kind of Car Company

The Saturn Corporation was an automotive manufacturer and brand which was established on 7th January, 1985 as an ancillary of ‘General Motors’ in retort to the accomplishment of automobile imports in the United States.  The company marked itself as a “different kind of Car Company” and managed somewhat independently from its parent company for some time, having its own assembly plant in Spring Hill, Tennessee. It made unique models and had a separate retailer network.

Saturn has now been discontinued as of the 2009 model year. It was although, popular in its early years, but it suffered from the poor sales and was blocked as part of General Motor’s bankruptcy reorganization. 

It’s not been too long that Saturn is building cars. Saturn has only been making cars since 1990, but it seems as if the Saturn automobiles have been there forever. That is may be because, years add up to a token of experience, acumen and judicious. But that is a different accountability for a commodity, especially the ones which are in competition in an environment of determined regeneration.

From that angle, the reinstatements of the authentic Saturn cars and sedans are long delinquent- sufficiently overdue, in fact, that the Saturn commerce and retailing managers allegedly anticipated the old alpha-numeric model designations ad a liability.  So, they neglected and abandoned some of them and supplemented a name –ION- which as we all know, has something to do with electricity and is accordingly, very baffling and puzzling.

Cropping away the hype, there is at least 1 absolute bullion of truth in that head: all- new. Saturn remains the aspect which helped to make the originals a hit. Most of the car’s vertical body panels, like doors, bumpers, fenders etc. are made in plastic to make them owner- friendly fro activities such as shopping – cart polo, parking  by Braille and back- stopping softball games. Other than that, everything is new- New shapes, new power trains, and new interiors. There are even a couple of new ideas, one of which, works, and one need to be worked on.

Ion made its first public appearance in April’s New York auto show.

Saturn was the one company that introduced the third-door concept- the driver’s side rear- hinged demi door on the SC1 and SC2. It was 4 years ago and was an excellent idea. The Ion Quad automobile has rear hinged rear doors on both the side, which is in fact, an even better idea! These doors swing out almost to 90 degrees. It makes the rear seat access a lot easier than dragging ones way to the back seat of any ordinary two- door car.

All Ions will be powered by General Motor’s Ecotec engine, a 2.2 liter DOHC 16 valve four rated at 140 HP and 142 pound- feet of torque.  Earlier Saturn has buzzy old home- grown 1.9 liter fours, which were scrapped later. Now they have all- aluminum engine which is more powerful and amazingly smoother, due to its twin balance shafts.

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Saturn ION
Saturn VUE Hybrid
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Saturn Outlook
Saturn Aura
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