Volvo-XC60 (The value for Money)

2015-05-16 12:56:38
Volvo-XC60 (The value for Money)
Volvo-XC60 (The value for Money)

Volvo has always been famous for its truck and big road vehicles. But now, there are many cars that this company has been launching from past few years and now there are two different categories of vehicles in Volvo. There are now two different organizations for both the categories separately. The version Summum D5 of Volvo XC 60 is a perfect car- a value for money car! The launching price of the car in India was 39.5 lakhs. The price of the car now is in the range of 44.50 to 49 lakhs including the taxes. The car model is based on S80 Sedan platform. It’ a Belgium built car and is exported to India. The car has good city safe features, provides a good mileage and has good servicing facilities. The car model is most appreciated for its good exterior make. Safety features are also very good. It’s very important in a car to prevent accidents. Volvo XC60 is very spacious and roomy from inside giving to a good feeling to relax while travelling. 

The car stands 10 on 10 in the matter of comfort-ability. The raised driving position has made touring very easy. It makes the handling of the car very easy, comfortable and most importantly, smooth. Not only the exteriors, but even the interiors of the car are very good and make you feel good!

The quality of the car can be best judged by the mileage it gives even after having been used for quite miles. And hence, Cost of the driving is quite reasonable. This car has proved its position in this field of classification as well!

The car pick up is very good. The car is quite safe and reliable. There are many good servicing centers and dealers for the Volvo cars in most of the cities in India. In case there are any issues with any of the car parts, the replacement services are very quick.

The car is very comfortable and safe for long distance traveling. The overall reviews received from the customers of this car have been quite impressive!

Things that you’re going to love in the car are:-

1.       The model, the looks.

2.       The Premium build quality, both from inside and outside.

3.       Great performance because of twin-turbo diesel.

4.       The equipments in the car, for eg., DVD screens, memory seats, power tail gate, etc.

5.       The never ending list of electronic aids with 5 star safeties.

Things that you may not like in the car are:-

1.       The car has absence of the badge value of its competitors.

2.       There is limited rear seat space.

3.       The engine refinement levels don’t stand up to the segments benchmarks.

4.       The dealer network is water-thin.

5.       There are no extended warranties or service package options.

The rear glasses of the car are all tinted from the factory itself. Finishes and fits of the car are superb! The car is a 6-spoke design with different alloys make.

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