Why Would You Like To Buy Mitsubishi Outlander As Your Family SUV

2014-01-19 10:13:05
Why Would You Like To Buy Mitsubishi Outlander As Your Family SUV
Why Would You Like To Buy Mitsubishi Outlander As Your Family SUV

Following the tracks of the ultimate performance, the Mitsubishi Outlander has made an appealing image not only in the native land, but also in the Global Automobile Market. Considered as the perfect family car, the Outlander has been the first choice of many celebrities including the international actor Jackie Chan.

The Mitsubishi Outlander is, no doubt, a perfect Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) for the family, which will finally serve the purpose of long vacation safari and camping with hard rock performance on any type of roads. But, this is not the only factor that has made it a wonderful car model from Mitsubishi; there are many others. Let’s see why you would like to have it in your garage.


The car model comes with two options for the engine type. The 2.0 L petrol engine is 15% more efficient while the 2.4 L petrol engine is 20% efficient. The reason why this model is far better than its previous ancestors is the integration of the ultra modern MIVEC technology, which is in combination with the Eco Drive System. Together, these two innovative technologies help saving petrol at much higher Efficiency Rate. This ultimate 7 seats family SUV has aerodynamic design which drastically reduces the Drag Coefficient to 0.33, thus, making it most efficient grand SUV of Mitsubishi ever.


Safety is the most prominent factor when it comes to a family SUV drive. Nobody would like to leave any hole to invite the potential risks to its family members. Hence, the authentic Mitsubishi Outlander has been designed with special safety features. The RISE technology of the Outlander absorbs and deflects the impact energy to other parts of the vehicle, dramatically reducing the injury to the passengers. In addition, each seat has an airbag, absorbing shocks from all possible directions. The Active Traction and Stability Control feature enables this 4 wheel drive to run safely on the rough and tough roads. All these features have fetched 5 ANCAP Safety Awards for Mitsubishi Outlander. Now, that makes it a perfect family SUV.


Furthermore, the comfort is the major factor that every family person analyzes while buying the family car. Although, Mitsubishi is a name that has been known for comfort cars as well, the Outlander, too, leaves no doubt about the ultimate comfort level to its passengers. The wide Leg Space and the Head Room already make it highly spacious. Plus, the soft and comfortable leather interiors, dual zone AC, integrated HQ music system and many other attractions define the comfortable drive with a new theme.

Overall Impression

There is no doubt that Mitsubishi Outlander has been a breakthrough in the list of SUVs. The model has got everything that you would like to have in your ultimate family car, including comfort, efficiency, space and, the most important of all, safety features that ensure safe and secure drive to its restful passengers, no matter if the roads are rough and thorny. This is what makes it a real diamond of Mitsubishi (literally, 3 Diamonds). 

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