Toyota- 4runner

2015-05-16 12:55:05
Toyota- 4runner
Toyota- 4runner

4runner, as compared to its other components, which are car-based platforms, is a body-on-frame SUV. The car is capable and sturdy and yields off-road benefits in everyday driving. The car however is roomier and more comfortable on pavements drives than other cars. The new model has improved and stylish exterior as well interiors giving it a fresh look!  The five-speed automatic and 270-hp V-6 remains. And so does the standard rear and the optional four-wheel drive. 

When the Toyota 4runner was launched newly in 1984, it became the top car in SUV craze of that time.

Important specifications of 4runner Toyota are:-

Vehicle type: 4runner is a 4 engine vehicle. Rear/4 wheel drive or just 4 wheel drive. The car has a capacity of 5 passengers. 4runner has 5 door wagons.

Highs of the car: The car is as rugged as a truck. It is off-road friendly in trail guise. It is not huge, although being tall in the saddle seating.

Lows of the car: The car has 1980s ride motions and fuel economy. It also has 4700 pound tow rating.

Price of the car: As trail premium, the costing goes to around $41,825; as limited, it is around $46,380; and as 4WD base price, it is $35,555.

Engine type: The engine type is specifically DOHC 24-valve V-6, aluminum block and heads, port fuel injection.

Power: The displacement capacity of 4runner is 241 cu in, 3956 cc. The power and torque of the car is 270 hp @ 5600 rpm and 278 lb-ft @ 4400 rpm respectively.

Transmission: 4runner is 5-speed automatic with manual shifting mode facility.

Dimensions: The exact dimensions of the car are as follows: Wheelbase size is 109.8 in. Length of the car is 190.7 in. Width is 75.8 in. and height is 72 in.  Curb weight for Trial and Limited is 4757 lb and 4822 lb respectively.

Fuel Economy: Driving in EPA cities, the car gives a mileage of 17mpg and in highway driving; it goes to around 21 mpg.

If you’re a person, who is a fan of towing, or is particularly, interested in it, the 4runner is the one for you! It is the car which can manage up to 5000 pounds.

Toyota 4runner 2015

The 2015 Toyota 4runner is on 12th rank among the Affordable midsize SUVs. The ranking is basically based on analysis on the published reviews and the car’s test drives. Safety data and reliability are also important factors.

Even though the car’s interiors and the ride quality are of no match to many of its competitors, the 2015 Toyota 4runner earns critics’ appreciations and praises for its great and significant off-road prowess and robust bearing. According to the automotive writers, Toyota 4runner 2015 V6 engine as competent power. According to many reviewers though, what Toyota 4runner lacks is the dexterity of its competitors because they have six of more gears while 4runner only has 5 gears. The mileage capacity of 4runner is also lower for the class at the estimated EPA of 17/22mpg city/highway.

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