Tesla- Model S

2015-05-16 12:54:27
Tesla- Model S
Tesla- Model S

Tesla Motors, also known as White Star (Code Name) was first produced in 2012 in United States, Fremont in California at Tesla Factory. Tesla’s model S dismisses the tralatitious thinking about the EVs- that- it’s a glance of the future, which helped it earn 10 best awards of 2015. Range anxiety in Tesla’s models is not a concern issue because of unlimited charging at Tesla’s network of supercharger stations is accommodated for all the models. 


 Vehicle type: Model S has the front and rear motor. 4-wheel drive. Tesla Model S has the capacity for 5 to 7 passengers. The car has 4 or 5 door hatchbacks.

Base Price: Base price of the car is $105,670.

Motor type: the front motor has AC induction with a power of 221 hp and 243 lb- ft; while the rear motor has AC induction with the power of 470 hp and 443 lb- ft.

Transmission: the car gives 1 speed direct drive.

Dimensions of Tesla Model S: the size of the wheelbase is 116.5 in. length of the car is 196 inches. Width and height is 77.3 inches and 56.5 in. respectively.

 Volume of the car is 95-115*3-30 cu. Ft. and curb weight of the car is 4950 lb.

Performance: the car can cover from 0 to 60 mph in 3.2 sec, zero to 100 mph in 7.6 sec. and standing ¼ - mile in 11.4 sec. Top speed of Tesla model S is 155 mph.

Fuel capacity: The car gives a good mileage of 84 MPGe and 88 MPGe in city and highway resp.

The car has a battery of 691 hp. It is built for the impatient, watch checker people who believe in the mantra that “waiting is for suckers.” To get the best performance it can get, Tesla has added a 221 hp electric motor for driving the front wheels. And to provide the 4 wheel drive there is a 470 hp rear motor. From this spring, a same kind of two- motor set up will also be available on all the S models of Tesla. Not only that, even the X models will also share the same system.

Power delivery of the car is immediate, just like an experience of driving a sports car in the lowest of its gear with the engine advancing right at its torque peak, all the time!  It is shockingly quick. Once you’ve kicked on the accelerator, the car jumps ahead on the wave of power. You don’t have to be wasting your time in traffic with such great power in your car. You can cover distances in the blink of an eye. It has THAT unbelievable power! There’s no downshifting, no waiting, and really no effort!

At first, you may find the electric silence a bit odd, but later on it soothes, which enhances the driving experience. The big battery pack that’s in the floor, acts like a big lithium – ion mattress and envelops the loud road noises. Once you’ve experienced the Tesla for a few days, you’ll see the difference between it and the gas- powered cars.

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