Smart Fortwo- Car of the City

2015-05-16 12:53:41
Smart Fortwo- Car of the City
Smart Fortwo- Car of the City

The stubby and cute car, Smart Fortwo is definitely made for the city and that’s where it should be driven anyway as getting it on the highway can turn into a little terrifying experience! The 89-hp turbo three cylinder at the rear teams up with a six- speed automatic and it is enough for urban tasks.  The car’s body is tall and upright which gives an airy feeling to the cabin and makes it spacious for the driver and the passengers. The trunk space though, is limited. 

Car Size: The car is not sporty. But the small size of the car makes it easy for you to park in a space proved to be generally smaller for other cars.


1.       Vehicle type: The car has a rear engine and a rear wheel drive. The car has a capacity for two passengers. It has 2 hatch-backs.

2.       Estimated Base Price:  The base price of the car is estimated to be $15,000.

3.       Engine: The engine is turbo-charged DOHC-12 valve inline -3. It has aluminum head and block, port fuel injection.

4.       Power: The car has power of 89hp @ 5500pm. The torque of the car is 100 lb-ft @ 2500 rpm.

5.       Transmission: The car has facility of manually changing up to 5 clutches and then 6 speed dual clutches automatic with manual shifting mode.

6.       Dimensions: The wheelbase is 73.7 in. Length of the car is 106.1 in. Width and Height is 65.5 in and 61.2 in respectively. Curb weight of the car is 2000 lb.

7.       Fuel/ Economy:  Car gives the mileage of 35 mpg in the city and 40 mpg in the highway.

The new model launching in 2015 as a 2016 model is more spacious than the previous models. You can now go to your nearest Smart store and get the membership as soon as possible to get the best deals in the car. This new version of the Smart Fortwo is definitely going to get more buyers that the previous models. Even though the new model is more spacious and more innovative than the previous versions, there is no issue with the cylinder space being compromised. The three tiny cylinders are fit under the trunk floor from where it rides the rear wheels. The more width of the car makes it more spacious and roomy form inside. No change in the length of the car makes it helpful to park it even in small spaces. Since the company is sharing the platform with Renault, engineering and the production costs have been docked down.

Smart Fortwo is best for the congested city places and so, it can be tried in Barcelona. Smart cabin is also a lot improved! It’s been Renault’s technical alliances which have been helpful in making the electronic architecture of Smart better. The important and highlighting features are the central touch-screen display. Also, most of the switchgear is lifted direct from the Clio.  Material quality has improved a lot from the past models.

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