Dodge Durango R/T has more seating space, more power and more driving dynamics

2015-05-11 11:57:47
Dodge Durango R/T has more seating space, more power and more driving dynamics
Dodge Durango R/T has more seating space, more power and more driving dynamics

If you wish to haul six people around and won’t mind looking bad then you can buy the Dodge Durango R/T, or you can as well tie four Harley-Davidsons together and invite court summons.   But there are still reasons for recommending Durango buy which are not to do with its belligerence. 

The updated 2014 Durango has a voluminous interior space, styling, and the Hemi V-8 and is fitted with a lively chassis which is rear wheel based and given friendly ergonomics and useful technologies. The agility factor was the reason why the Durango came first in the comparison test.  In a segment where minivans dressed like off- road crossovers encroach most of the space, the Durango is refreshingly different with its three-row seating.

 It is not the off-road factor that certifies the Dodge though it has the bones of Jeep Grand Cherokee, but the sports car drivability a driver prefer. With its rigid structure, the Durango concentrates on balancing it’s high-riding volume and delivers amazing dynamics instead of neutralizing the torsional flexibility. Even while cornering hard, the Dodge controls the body motions well. It is the same with all Durango models and the aggressively tuned spring and shocks justified the cause further.

 Ride quality is impacted by the stiff suspension, but actual harm is done by the 20-inh wheels of the R/T and the tires. Riding on smaller wheels and rubber has always augured well for the Durango, but some of the blame must go to the road conditions experienced in Michigan, which mostly resembles a sheep trail in Slovakia.

The steering enables relaxed highway drives as it is slow on center, but at parking speed it could have been faster. Commands to front tires are directed accurately, and the R/T goes where you want it to go in spite of how roughly you drive it.  The Hemi resting under the hood is loud, powerful and brutish while you drive it at full tilt. This V-8 with 260-hp power is offered a ZF-8HP automatic transmission for the 2014 which is found in a diverse range of cars such as the Audi A8, Bentley Mulsanne, and the BMW 2-series.

Programming the gears differs from manufacturer to manufacturer and Chrysler has written its own under license, and the software for Dodge is appropriate. The transmission engages flawlessly, and the gears are found swiftly even when executed in a multiple ratio. The rear-wheel-drive Dodge Durango R/T is designed with the front-engine layout, and it is a five-door wagon built to seat six or seven passengers. The base price of the vehicle is $40,290 and out test example turned out   for $43,675.  The port fuel injected engine has a displacement of 5654 cc and makes the 360 horses @5150 rpm and the 390 pounds of torque @4250 rpm. 

The eight-speed transmission is with a manual shifting mode and can run the 5200-pound vehicle to a 6.4-second 0-60mph run. The Durango runs the quarter-mile in 14.9 seconds at the speed of 95mph and has a governor limited 119mph top speed. Fuel economy figures according to EPA are 14/23mpg for city and open roads, and we got 17mpg overall in our example.

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