2013 Mini Cooper S Paceman All 4: Mini Is Not Actually Mini

2015-05-08 11:31:14
2013 Mini Cooper S Paceman All 4: Mini Is Not Actually Mini
2013 Mini Cooper S Paceman All 4: Mini Is Not Actually Mini

2013 Mini Cooper S Paceman All 4 is mini only for the name. Otherwise, the automaker has built it in such a manner that it delivers more whether it is a response, looks or space. However, as this vehicle has been improved in almost all aspects, so its pricing has been increased too. It is a dearest vehicle among all other vehicles of the Mini. 

The Mini Cooper S Paceman is a vehicle that has been built bigger than the base Mini hard top which has been company’s best selling car. This new vehicle has been made 15.6 inches longer, 4.5 inches taller, and 4.0 inches wider. The vehicle is weighed 3331 pounds which are around 800 pound more than the base Mini hardtop.

This vehicle has been made available with three different power options. The whole product line of the mini has been incorporated with a 1.6 liter naturally aspirated and turbocharged engine. However, performance wise, the vehicle has not been reviewed enthusiastically. Even the vehicle which has been incorporated with the six-speed automatic transmission does not please experts.  This 1.6-liter turbo charged engine is capable to deliver 181 hp of power which is mated with the 177 lb-ft. The vehicle with all wheel drive gains 60 mph in just 7.3 seconds, 89 mph in 15.7 seconds, and 100 mph in just 21 seconds.

The weight of this vehicle has been increased, so it responds a bit slower. However, the vehicle is capable to offer driver’s fun experience because the vehicle has been featured with a tactile steering; it is quick enough to offer you fun, as well as the body motion of the vehicle is also limited. The driver while driving the vehicle will enjoy the fun. In regard of the EPA fuel economy, it has not been given good rating especially because it is a small car. The vehicle delivers 23 mpg in the city and on the highway, it is measured 30.

The Mini Cooper S Paceman is bigger in size, so it has its advantages as well. The vehicle is roomy enough that it can occupy 4 adults comfortably. 2 people without any inconvenience can enjoy the riding. So the picture is of the cargo space, you find more space there too as the vehicle offers 11.7 cubic feet space for the cargo behind the rare seats. If you need more space you can increase it through folding down the rear seat; now, you have 38.1 cubic spaces.

The Mini Cooper S Paceman has been intended for the people who want a stylish vehicle as it is a dashing car. The vehicle’s proportion, sloping roof, beltline, mini grille, and round tail lights all makes the vehicle attractive. But, if the utility is at your top priority, this new vehicle is not a better choice for you. Inside the vehicle, you will find comfortable seats which are not only comfortable but supportive too.

As the vehicle, has been made a bit bigger and sportier; its utility has also been increased; so the pricing of this vehicle has also been set a bit up as the base model comes at $29,000.

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