Volkswagen Cross Polo: A Good Car Indian Roads

2015-05-06 11:56:15
Volkswagen Cross Polo: A Good Car Indian Roads
Volkswagen Cross Polo: A Good Car Indian Roads

Volkswagen Cross Polo is a small car, and a good car for the countries like India where drivers are forced to go through with unpleasant road conditions. It is a car that can easily cross the hurdles that the Indian drivers get together so often on the road. The vehicle has been featured with all that you want to see in a small.  

Developing countries like India and others, the craze of the small vehicle are quite visual; due to this liking more and more automakers are jumping in this segment consequently the small vehicles or the segment of small SUVs is growing rapidly. The reason of liking the small vehicles in countries like India is that such vehicles are easy to deal with road conditions that every driver has to go through in India. Their being small in size is beneficial for the drivers to control the vehicles at ease. Volkswagen’s Cross Polo is a decent car especially for the roads found in India.

Volkswagen has designed all Popo cars similarly so you may feel all polo cars look identical especially in regard of the design of the car. No doubt, the outer design of the vehicle is good and it looks good, even the base model. The Cross Polo comes with the black plastic matt cladding at the cars bottom. The lower half of the front bumper has been designed like a trapezoidal, due to which the vehicle has very aggressive look. The vehicle has equipped with the silver sump guard. The side profiles have been equipped with matt black that makes vehicle’s appearance a bit longer. Back of the vehicle is similar to regular Polo for much extent.

The automaker has done enough work on the exterior; contrary to it, the interior of the vehicle has been made different to the regular Polo. Yes, the top variant of the vehicle has been gone through some changes. Base model of it has been incorporated with a climate control, instrument cluster equipped with strip meter which is multi-functional, and steering wheel with audio control; however, they are of low class. When you will sit inside the vehicle, you will get enough space for comfortable ride. The vehicle has a transmission tunnel that creates some inconvenience for the people at rear seat because of its being somewhat large. The cabin has been decorated with black color scheme along with beige interior that makes such impression as through interior is bigger. However, the company has good fabric that also feels good.

Power options for this new vehicle are also similar as the vehicle has been incorporated with a three cylinder 1.2 liter engine which is capable to deliver 74 bhp of power which is mated with the 180 Nm of torque. The automaker has done a bit work-out to improve a bit the fuel efficiency of the vehicle consequently this new vehicle goes 22.07 kilometer per liter while the regular vehicle goes 0.03 kilometers lesser than it i.e. 22.05 kilometers. The vehicle is nice if you want a good looking car.

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