Interesting Tale Of Incredible Logo Of Mercury Automobile

2014-01-16 23:08:39
Interesting Tale Of Incredible Logo Of Mercury Automobile
Interesting Tale Of Incredible Logo Of Mercury Automobile

Describing the breakthrough sequences in the treasury words, the story of the Mercury Automobiles would be the first name in the list. It is very interesting to note how the company got popular due its sparkling, attractive logo on the stunning car models. The evolution of the company’s logo is itself an interesting chronicle.

Although, the Mercury Automobile has seen many ups and downs during its long history, the tale of the development of its logo is the most interesting historic sequence, mainly how it made car models to get popular among people. Obviously, the company started its first manufacturing unit just like the normal set up; but, it had the striking brand name and logo that became the identity of this groundbreaking automobile company.

First Logo As The God Figure

As the name itself suggests, the Mercury is a well esteemed Roman God that has been known for the kindness to shower prosperity, financial helps, business, monetary gain, wealth and so on. The first logo of the company was the side view of the head of this authentic God figure, wearing the hat that symbolized the modern advancements along with supreme power. As the people already had the appealing image of this unique figure of the famous Roman God, Mercury, the logo served its purpose well. Soon, the company was popularized due to its logo and gained nationwide brand recognition in the automotive market. After a successful foundation, the expert felt need to alter the logo to make it more compatible as per the modern era and, hence, came a new identity for Mercury automobile.

The Big M

The expert designers of Mercury automobile have come up with the very different logo, which was highly optimized as per the altering trends of the modern era at that time. It was the big M that was exposed vertically with the Mercury color on the car fronts. The bottom of the vertical M extended outwards in each direction. This big M became a notable sponsor of many US TV shows and hence made a place in the words of mouth of many people, mainly targeting the rich business class. The luxury models, trucks and sedan were all made popular during the era of the big M of the Mercury automobile.

Cat Sign

It is very interesting to note that the company also used the cat sign as the major symbol for its logo. This was mainly to involve the feminine touch in the car models as the company was now on the move to target the young business men of the industry. Also, many models were introduced having cat names like Bobcat and Lynx.

Modern Logo

Finally, it was the mid 1980s when the company felt need to alter the logo and optimize it for something that matches the theme of the futuristic cars that was about to overwhelm the market (as per expert’s reports). Hence, the current logo of the company was designed with its name on it. Still, the designers are busy sketching something interesting to match up the pace with modern trends of the automotive industry.

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