Nissan Micra One Of The Best Hatchback at Lower Price

2015-05-06 11:54:05
Nissan Micra One Of The Best Hatchback at Lower Price
Nissan Micra One Of The Best Hatchback at Lower Price

Nissan Micra is a car that is considered to be one among the best as well as cheapest cars. It is perhaps the vehicle offers much at lesser amount; it is what that most of Indian buyers thinks before purchasing anything. As the vehicle has been offered at low price so some compromise on value are expected. 

Nissan Micra in the segment of the hatchback is one of those vehicles which have drawn attention of most of people living India, a rapidly growing auto-market. The reason behind this attraction is of course nothing else but the price tag at which the vehicle has much to offer.

The outer look of the vehicle is that segment on which the company has done most of work. You will notice a new bumper; as well as the nose has been designed differently. Hyundai like fog lamps pattern and chrome with lower grille as well as upper grille can be observed. Headlamps of the vehicle have made angular with arrow head. So the front of the vehicle has made is completely new.

Side profiles have also been made different incorporating new design for the alloy wheels. The back has also gone through some changes and the prominent one is its rear bumper which has been poke out a bit more; you will also notice some more creases and cuts on the bumper. The vehicle has been equipped with new tail-lamps of old shape. The braked lamp has been stripped with LED.  Over all the exterior of the vehicle has been made bold which you will like.

The automaker has also made effort to change a number of things inside the vehicle; however, it has not been changed so much as the exterior has done. Inside the vehicle, you will noticed new seat fabric, sun visors, new steering control and centre control which is similar to the Sunny. A new audio system has been sported, and it has been featured with a standard 2 DIN head that offers you almost all options for connectivity like aux, Bluetooth, and USB. The unit is simple and efficient to do its job. It has been sported with a new display for multi functions with new positioning; it is better than previous one as its fonts are much clear and you can read easily.

If we talk about the power option, the automaker has not made any changes as it comes with an old engine i.e. a three cylinder 1.2 liter engine. The diesel variant also comes with previous value, it means, the vehicle has been powered by a dCi 1.5 liter engine. However, the company has mated the petrol engine with a CVT automatic transmission of Sunny. Due to the gear box, shortest gearing can be enjoyed. The other specialty of the vehicle is that the auto maker has lessened its weight for much extent. Overall the vehicle has a dashing exterior that will attract to the people. The automaker has worked much to make this vehicle better inside the cabin too. On the whole it is a nice car.

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