2013 Lexus ES300h: A Luxurious & Quite Sedan

2015-05-06 11:53:27
2013 Lexus ES300h: A Luxurious & Quite Sedan
2013 Lexus ES300h: A Luxurious & Quite Sedan

Lexus ES300h is the second best selling sedan of the Lexus; so while remaking the car, the automaker must be under presser to make much better vehicle. It is the first entry level hybrid car of the automaker. The automaker has made this vehicle luxurious as well as efficient, and of course quite too.

2013 model of the Lexus ES300h is good-looking looking as well as the luxurious car which is efficient enough to make you spell bound through just taking a glance of it. The new Lexus ES300h has been incorporated with a 2.5 liter four cylinder Atkinson engine; as it is hybrid sedan, it has been sported with two electric motors too for producing more power whenever it is needed; as well as you can also enjoy ride at slow speed with these electric motors. All three engines are capable to produce 200 hp as combine output, and the vehicle has been fitted with a variable transmission that makes the vehicle efficient enough for delivering improved fuel efficiency. Above mentioned qualities are new to this new vehicle. Rest of the things is much similar to the vehicle ES350 which is a gas only variant and powered by the V6 engine.

The 2013 Lexus ES300h has been embedded with three modes for enjoying three types of driving experience. These three models are Normal, Eco, and Sport. Driving the vehicle in the Sport mode is not easy as the driver needs to pay additional attention to pay for controlling the vehicle while the normal modes have been reviewed as a good option for good performance as well as the fuel efficiency. This is vehicle that offers you the experience of driving the car without any noise, even the gas engine does not give clue when the car starts and stops. If you want more fuel saving, the ECO mode is fantastic as the throttle response is reduced and operation of Climate Control System is modified. There one more EV mode for Electric motors only.

When you will see the vehicle from the out it will seem as the automaker has retained its typical design; however, the automaker has added some aerodynamics features that makes the vehicle looking better.  Inside, the vehicle has been packed with all luxurious features that without any doubt make you feel good. You will find everything fantastic inside the cabin whether it is leather, heated & cooled front seats, wood trim, rear sunshade, spacious legroom, or rear sunshades.

The positioning of the cup-holders are not is not common as they are seen in the most of the car; they are not arranged at side by side in the center console. The bamboo trim which is hybrid specific has been made great looking. The vehicle has been equipped with a mouse like knob which automaker calls Remote Touch interface has been used for operating the Navigation System along with the some functions of stereo system. The interface is user friendly and provides haptic feedback. The vehicle, Lexus ES300h, is good choice as it offers all that you need.

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