2015 Dodge Charger R/T, This charger is an everyday fast car

2015-05-06 11:52:41
2015 Dodge Charger R/T, This charger is an everyday fast car
2015 Dodge Charger R/T, This charger is an everyday fast car

Well, the new Dodge Charger R/T is akin to a sibling athlete going to school whose brothers have already been ranked in the college and professional level. When big brothers Hellcat V-8 with 707-hp and the 392 producing 485 hp are on the prowl the 370-hp kid brother R/T is likely to pale in comparison.

However don’t let the numbers deceive you unless you want to burn tires in a hurry, the 2015 Dodge Charger R/T with its 5.7 Liter and output of 370 horses is more than what you need for speed.   One can argue that the R/T is electronically limited to a 145mph speed where as the Hellcat makes a tire shredding 204-hp, but you are still sure to make it to the Chinese restaurant before they close down. The Charger’s short sprint timing of 5.1-seconds would leave several sedans panting for breath. 

The Charger R/T is heavy and the driver is aware of it. Amazingly the two-ton plus vehicle   with its finely tuned chassis makes good numbers on the driving dynamics. This is owed to the stiffer unibody and the Charger is able to control the pitch, roll and yaw admirably. If you love your driving then you are advised to opt for the 29R Customer Preferred pack which would upgrade your vehicle to the Road & Trac specification, like out test vehicle. This would mean a barrage of features that also include Super Track Pak sport suspension, more aggressive throttle mapping via the Road & Track Performance Group, higher intervention threshold via revised traction control, 20- inch aluminum wheels, heavy-duty brakes, better tires and also the Performance Page software of Dodge, through which a driver can track acceleration, and cornering along with several other number markers.

The 29R package holds more goodies which are highly desirable and they are upholstery in nappa leather, heater rear seats, ventilated front seats, telescopic steering column with power assistance, power adjustable peals, and heated steering wheel and mirrors and more. This package costing $3000 is a real bargain pack that one must have. Fortified with the Track Pack features the R/T comes better equipped to dance well in spite of its curb weight.  With the rigid suspension and electric powered steering the car goes exactly where you want it and the Charger also inspires confidence in cornering with its sufficient grip.

Another likeable thing in the Charger is its eight-speed automatic though it does not shift as quickly as the dual clutch automatics in use nowadays, but the manual mode, the selected gear will stand against the redline without any automatic upshift. The new eight-speed introduced this year has given a slight fuel economy advantage with the EPA by adding 1mpg compared to the last year five-speed transmission. This would transpire in to 16mpg in city and 25mpg on open roads and the V-8 runs on mid-grade fuel, thus saving money for the owner. In mixed driving the test car offered as 18mpg

The economy might go up if direct injection were fitted to the Hemi, may be. But hemi fans certainly do not expect frugality, at least not with the performance cars.

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