2014 Volkswagen GTD Diesel, the vehicle that you should hang out with

2015-05-04 10:27:13
2014 Volkswagen GTD Diesel, the vehicle that you should hang out with
2014 Volkswagen GTD Diesel, the vehicle that you should hang out with

With so much goodness pervading the Volkswagen kingdom, it is difficult to isolate the vehicle that commands increased fan following - the Jetta GLI, GTI or the TDI diesel models? The economical and performance parameters are absolutely opposed to each other, but they are nicely executed by the German automaker. The 2014 Volkswagen GTD diesel we review here figures in our 10Best list regularly.

The various TDI models we have tested over the years have also given fuel economy of 40-plus mpg. The GTD, however, is a kind of in-house understanding made between the two priorities. The GTD has the same strut front and multilink-rear suspension and sits lower by 0.6 inches than the GTI. The Euro specification model we tested carried adjustable dampers, limited slip function based on XDS+ brakes, dynamic chassis control is standard items.

 In spite of being wider and longer the GTD of 2014 is roomier than its forerunner, and it is also less in weight by 70 lbs. The current generation GTD is also going to be like the GTI in one aspect in a significant way which is assured sales in the US for the future. The North American wing of Volkswagen says that they want the vehicle right now as they think it is justified.  It is only a matter of chalking out the details of when and how much it will cost.  The former question draws a vague answer and as for the second question, the price tag must be around $27,000 or a grand more compared to the GTI, base model.

Carrying a lower curb weight the GTD h as the luxury of sporting a more powerful four-cylinder. The dimensions of the EA288 diesel cylinders and spacing are shared with the TDI diesel outgoing model. Except this, everything else is brought anew. The engine is throghly tweaked with revised heads and block, the intercooler has been inducted into the  intake cluster, the turbo is new and there is increased fuel pressed that has shot up to 26, 000 psi from 23, 000 to enable finer fuel delivery.

The result is an 184-hp power peaking at 3500 rpm and a 280 lb-ft thrust at 1750 rpm.  You also get 14-hp increase and 22 lb-ft of thrust against the output of the last GTD and 44 measurements more over the TDI engine that you find in the US. You can immediately notice the extra push, and you can expect about seven seconds for the 0-60mph and the speed that follows would be out of the bounds of the legal restrictions levied in the US. When we drove the GTD on the autobahn, it was going strong up to 120-mph mark. In the other TDI engines found in the other models, there was a noticeable weakening of the push, the new engine, however, has reduced the drop substantially.

The 2014 Volkswagen GTD Diesel comes in either a 3-door or 5- door hatchback body styles, and it has been designed with a front-engine layout. It can seat five passengers and has the options of a six-speed manual and six-speed automatic with manual shifting. It clocks a top speed of 143 – mph and the EPA rated mile average is 28/40mpg for city and highway.

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