2015 Ram ProMaster City, a new revelation in the urban commercial transport

2015-05-04 10:24:51
2015 Ram ProMaster City, a new revelation in the urban commercial transport
2015 Ram ProMaster City, a new revelation in the urban commercial transport

The world is seeing the evolution of the urban commercial haulers in terms of shape from the old rectangular boxes and the latest to manifest this comes from the Ram Truck division of Chrysler via Italy. This transport is known as the Doblò in the Europe from Fiat, which has newly gone a board with its third generation. But here we call it the ProMaster City.

The ProMaster City is the smaller version of the large scale ProMaster, an Americanized Fiat, which also has the name Ducato in Europe. The U.S. version ProMaster, for instance, has heavier suspension equipment and elevated riding height considering the bad road conditions experienced in urban zones. Though it is the smaller version of the bigger ProMaster and the Ford Transit, it is not coming into the category of the mid-size emergent like the Nissan NV200, and the City Express of Chevy.

ProMaster City brings lots of important features in its class, like the payload of 1883 pounds, biggest cargo area of 131.7 cubic feet and the top standard power output of 178hp which ties with the 1.6 Liter Turbo of the Transit Connect. It also features the best cargo area width of 60.4 inches and the widest floor between the back wheels at 48.4 inches.

The above specifications suit the ProMaster Cargo only, but the Ram like the Transit Connect is also presented as a Wagon with five-passenger seating, which you don’t find with the NV200 and the City Express. The Nissan taxi is exceptional to this. As is with its rival the ProMaster City also offers a catalog of features to adapt the cargo variant to employ it in different business areas.

Cargo capacity and payload are the obvious features in a commercial transport, but somebody has to drive it at some point of time and the ProMaster excels in it. Ram calls the vehicle as “urban nimble” You will find it to be a truth when you consider the rear suspension and the rack-and-pinion steering assisted hydraulically while the  Nissan and Ford offerings are bestowed with beam axles and numb electric steering.  With 32-feet turning circle, this vehicle is outstandingly neat which a plus is significantly for making urban trips.

The ProMaster City is a front-engine layout vehicle with front-wheel-drive. This four-door wagon can be either obtained with two or five passenger capacity.  The inline-four has a displacement of 2360 cc, and it produces 178-hp at 6400 rpm and a torque of 174 pounds at 3800 rpm. The only transmission available with the ProMaster City is the 9-speed automatic with manual shifting mode, and the wagon’s wheelbase is 122.4 inches while the length reads as 187.5 inches. The curb weight of the wagon is measured at 3700 pounds, and it runs the 0-60mph in 9.0 to 9.3 seconds and the quarter mile in 17.0 to 17.2 seconds depending on the trim level you choose. The ProMaster City makes a peak speed of 115mph.

The base price of the ProMaster City Tradesman Cargo is $24,125, the ProMaster City Wagon is at $25,125, the Tradesman Cargo SLT is priced $25, 650 and finally the Wagon SLT is priced at $26,650. The EPA-rated fuel economy is 21/29mpg for city and highway. 

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