2014 Jaguar F-type V-8 S Roadster, if only they could silence the noise

2015-05-04 09:54:17
2014 Jaguar F-type V-8 S Roadster, if only they could silence the noise
2014 Jaguar F-type V-8 S Roadster, if only they could silence the noise

We took the 2014 Jaguar F-Type V-8 S Roadster for a long-term fleet lasting 29,715 miles and 12 months of journey and here are impressions we felt during our tenure with the Jaguar. When you compare this with other cars with supercharged V-8 engine, it fares well a great deal with sharp throttle response and quick-shifting automatic transmission.

The F-type equipped with a 5.0 Liter V-8 generates 495-hp of power and unlike the supercharged monstrous V-8s figured in the Camaro ZL1 and Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcats it hugely acquits itself without its supercharger drawing attention.  After having spent a lot of time with the F-type with V-6 one of the journalists pointed out that the V-8 is overkill, but the remaining editors accepted it as a compliment though.

Here we come to the things that we did not like with this F-type and it is the crazy sounding exhaust that simply worn us out. It is not that we did not like the Foo Fighting noise that it produced but it continued even with the sport mode off. The exhaust kept snarling and retorting and refused to die off. Another irritant apart from the noise and the orange paint was that everyone pointed their fingers at it, and that is one thing that a daily driven car doesn’t need. Well, subtlety is not one of the virtues of this Jaguar.

While driving through the long trip we needed to spend $3000 on repairs that would mean that we had smashed the car. In this case, it is not like that, and the cost was the outcome of replacing a pair of wheels. You would also like to know the reasons why and the answer is that our roads remain in palpable condition owing to utter disrepair. People around Michigan like to drive SUVs and pickups so that they can avoid the tax-hikes levied on the gas versions. We went to the Oktoberfest in Milwaukee and cruised past Lake Michigan, and the warm weather offered us plenty of top-down driving.

The long-term F-type went through the grind of 29,715 miles in a 12- month fleet, and it averaged 19-mpg on the fuel economy. The tank could hold 15.8 gallon on which the car would drive a full 300 miles without stopping to refill. We spent a total of $3536 on normal wear and damage repairs during the fleet.

The 2014 Jaguar F-type V-8 S Roadster has a front-engine design layout and is a 2-door roadster vehicle with seating for two passengers. The 5.0 Liter V-8 can produce 495-hp at 6500 rpm and 460 pounds of torque at 2500 rpm. The engine is aptly assisted by an 8-speed automatic with manual shift mode and has a wheelbase 103.2 inches. The Jaguar has a curb weight of 3974 lb and can take down the 0-60mph challenge in 3.8 seconds. It does the quarter mile in 12.0 seconds speeding at 121-mph and can work up a top speed of 171-mph, drag limited. The base price of the F-type is $92,925 and the version we drove cost us $101,720.

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