Upcoming Volkswagen Golf R SportWagen, it has ever thing to be a fun drive

2015-05-01 11:17:27
Upcoming Volkswagen Golf R SportWagen, it has ever thing to be a fun drive
Upcoming Volkswagen Golf R SportWagen, it has ever thing to be a fun drive

The Volkswagen Golf R Sportwagen blasted past us with its four-exhaust outlet angrily popping when a journalist from the group asked why VW would make a van that runs like a sports car. As the R Sportwagen was engaged in to the fourth gear by the dual-clutch automatic and continued its blast we asked the journalist to check his pulse.

In a period where driver preferences are expressed through vehicles built like tanks and SUV with limited forward visibility, we would put our money on the Volkswagen’s resolve to debut a smaller and nimbler station wagon that does not announce its presence with sheer flamboyant appearance and size. The wagon is inducted with a 300-hp four cylinder turbocharged engine - it makes 292 hp in the in US spec – and leaves it up to the driver to exploit its potential.

An under 5 seconds  time for the 0-60mph dash  is not impossible for the  burliest of the Golf Sportwagen when it is aided by the EA888 2.0 Liter TSI engine. The estimated top speed of the wagen is 155mph which is electronically limited. The Sportwagen rides on the summit of 280lb-ft torque which is available even at the lowest rpm of 1800 and surges upward to 5450 rpm. The stylish model R Sportwagen is family friendly can be termed as the poor man’s Cadillac stunning model CTS-V wagon and if you compare it with the Euro cycle it is the Audi dashing model RS6 Avant.

The Golf R wagon produces the right note whichever mode you set it on, or particularly the Race setting. Only when it is running on higher speeds the Soundaktor sound-augmenter makes it appear artificial. The vehicle propel forward relentlessly at three digit speeds and still achieve an agreeable fuel economy of 29mpg as specified. This is possible if the Golf is driven as it should be driven and if you whip it to the limit you could drop as much as 10mpg to the estimated average. When we drove the Golf R hatchback meant for US we got 24 against the rated 30mpg.

The 4MOTION AWD is standard for the wagen and it is inclined to the front wheels, while the vehicle is driven normally, and the power will switch to the rear only and when the driver or the occasion demands it.  At such times all the torque can be directed to the rear with the Haldex coupling clutches, and the wagen does not experience oversteer. It is a fun vehicle and can take on consequent corners aggressively.

Not everyone would notice that the wagen is hiding something important underneath and it is hinted in the form of 225 or 235 rubber encircling the 18 or 19-inch wheels, and also the quadruple exhaust pipes that we mentioned in the beginning. The aero-kit offered to the wagen does not look like one but certainly appears different. The mild hints continue with the micro-fiber trim inside the cabin and seats along with the stainless steel capped pedal. This spacious Golf R Sportwagen is a spacious and a mixture of performance stealth and practically and an overall fun to drive.

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