Volkswagen GTI, without being outstandingly spectacular but accepted by everyone

2015-04-30 11:41:24
Volkswagen GTI, without being outstandingly spectacular but accepted by everyone
Volkswagen GTI, without being outstandingly spectacular but accepted by everyone

In our office staffs almost come to blow when selecting the vehicle for long-term duty. We have people who love sunroofs and people who don’t, and several arguments on the choices turn red, yellow and blue. But the entire staff would agree upon on one thing and that is that we want to test a Volkswagen GTI for the long-term.

For the last decade, Volkswagen has kept it GTI formula successfully running that it stands out in its segment. Several manufacturers have attempted to ape the car, but none has up with a satisfactory combination that makes the GTI practical, fun and affordable. Well, we did not need these machinations from others but we certainly want the GTI.

There was a greater degree of agreement in choosing the model from S; SE and Autobahn trim levels, and the S trim was chosen finally because the staffers wanted the sweet plaid seats. If you want to promote to leather, then it will be the SE and Autobahn trims for you. The cloth seats are warmer compared to the leather that gets chilly in Michigan weather.  The seats are heated, and they also do not shed filth quickly.

Some of the options, we also chose  went without argument, and we did not save the $600 by opting for a two-door model because access was of primary importance and so was the seating comfort. We also skipped the marvelous dual-clutch automatic transmission that comes with a premium of @1100 and opted for the manual gearbox because we wanted involvement. Well, if we have been driving in the congested city roads then we might have opted for the automatic.

The $1495 Performance package is a no brainer on the other hand as it offers a model 10-hp jump with the EA888 2.0 Liter turbo engine making it a total of 220hp. It also offers larger front and rear brake rotors, and a crafty locking differential. However, we indulged with the $995 Lighting Package that adds bixenon lamps which automatically swivels while taking corners. We said “no” to the $800 worth adjustable dampers because the damper with the base tune was working fine. The summer tires are standard with the GTI

After all the splurging the sticker price for the GTI we chose stood at $28,695 which in our opinion is amazing in terms of value and also below the new-car average price of the nation. The vehicle had a stowage space of 53 cu-ft and was sufficient enough to fit everything we carried with us. The car though lacks the built-in navigation, is good enough to offer great pleasure on long road trips and to be a popular choice.

The 0-60mph of 6.1 seconds is easily beatable, and the lateral acceleration number of 0.93g cannot be termed as outstanding, but the combination of everything that work in unison makes this Volkswagen a better ride. We put the GTI through 3305 miles journey lasting two months and came up with 27mpg  fuel economy average. The fuel tank has a full capacity of 13.2 gallon that is sufficient enough to travel for 360 miles at one go.

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