Lotus racing cars, the masters of the racing tracks around the world

2014-01-16 23:05:32
Lotus racing cars, the masters of the racing tracks around the world
Lotus racing cars, the masters of the racing tracks around the world

When you say “Lotus” the first thing that would pop in your mind would be “Racing” if you happened to be an avid car watcher. The brand is committed to the racing track as it has been over the years and is among the most successful icons in the world of racing. 

Based at Enstone the Lotus team for F1 is at its peak of car racing and also supports race enthusiasts at all levels starting at junior stages. The racing team comprises of world champions, but Lotus also conducts customer programs. If you are inclined towards racing then the Lotus Driving Academy is the place to go where you will learn to drive faster and safer. You will have a great time while you are at it at the Academy and will become eligible to compete in the Lotus Cup Series if you happen to be a proud owner of a Lotus car belonging to the current genre. The most exciting find of customer car by Lotus to date is the Type 125 and once you get familiar with the single-seater road car fitted with the V8 then you are as good as experiencing the F1.

The revised test track which was opened in 2011 at Hethel is the perfect testing ground for budding drivers and developing into a world class racing car driver because the track is also fabricated to suit the purpose. Here, let us have a look at the latest Lotus offering the Exige V6 Cup R. This Lotus model weights 1,040 kg when it is not loaded and has the Maximum power of 366 PS @ 7,200 RPM and maximum torque of 413 NM @5, 000 RPM. The car is eligible to participate in Lotus organized race series like the Lotus Cup UK, Lotus Cup Europe, Lotus Cup USA, Lotus Cup Thailand and Lotus Cup Italy. The Exige V6 Cup R took the overall victory and proved to be a highly competitive car for the racing track at the Lotus Cup UK held at Snetterton in its first outing and has also debuted with race wins at the Lotus Cup Europe. It has also achieved a number of pole positions during the same event.

The Exige V6 Cup R is the successor of the Exige V6 Cup and a full-fledged racing version of the same. What you had with the Exige V6 Cup has been further enhanced with the addition of aerodynamic package, higher downforce, race dampers, reduction of weight by 60kg and an increased power output and optional sequential gearbox. 

Lotus Cars Limited since its inception in 1952 has come a long way in the world of racing and have proved to be world beaters in the racing tracks. The latest offering from their assembly line include Exige V6 Cup, Exige V6 Cup R, Elise S Cup R, Lotus Type 125, Evora Endura, Evora GTC, Evora GT4 and Evora GX. These are comprehensively built and equipped racing cars which have proved to be champions of the racing tracks around the world and promise to win some more.  

Lotus models:

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