2015 Volkswagen Touareg, not much change in the refresh as it does not need any

2015-04-28 11:42:03
2015 Volkswagen Touareg, not much change in the refresh as it does not need any
2015 Volkswagen Touareg, not much change in the refresh as it does not need any

Touareg is the name for a Saharan nomad tribe and Volkswagen has adopted it to name its product, however this Saharan-named vehicle has not ventured into a desert. Touareg has done good business for VW as it has sold 130, 000 examples of them in US alone and a overall 720, 000 worldwide. VW has not wandered off much when refreshing the mid-size SUV when it refreshed it for 2015.

The Touareg has seen eleven model years and has been the Editor Choice Pick with C/D with its 2013 TDI model while competing in the comparison test for diesel powered SUVs. We would agree that the vehicle does not need many changes in its latest refresh. The Touareg of second generation appeared in 2011 so the latest one comes without any mechanical changes whether you choose the gasoline V-6 or TDI turbo diesel.  This also applies to the hybrid performance vehicle.

On the outside you see restyled wheels, chrome trim, upgraded lighting, new colors and a new four-bar grille. We have more in the cabin as it sports rich looking leather, wood trim, better switchgear and more of the shiny silver trim.  To keep up with the mainstream vehicles VW has also added the safety assistance features like adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring, lane-departure alert system and pre-collision braking

This SUV has more alluring features to lure the customers who would not settle for less when choosing crossovers with capabilities. It has a rated towing of 7716 pounds, split folding seats with six inches of fore/aft travel, remote liftgate access to 32 cu-ft of cargo area and you can double it with seats folded, above all the standard 4MOTION all-wheel-drive. 

The testing experience of the latest Touareg is very much like the 2014 model and both the gasoline and TD I versions offered great feel with their hydraulically assisted steering wheels, and a reasonably rigid chassis, and a set of brakes which are firm and modulated. The family oriented characters of the VW leans towards comfortable and compliant mainstream features, and more expressive driving attributes have been left to the other platform associates the Porsche Cayenne and Audi Q7. For instance the eight speed automatic transmission is not offered with paddle shifter and only a manual option in place has been offered with the shift lever. The manual mode becomes necessary as the Touareg needs to propel its 2.5 tons of weight, when the 3.6 Liter FSI V-6 is gathering steam. Programming of transmission is simple and when you hold gears through the series of bends the EPA economy has been kept in mind with maximum calibration.

The diesel powered engine produces 240hp but the attraction point is the abundant torque of 406 pounds it makes which helps the car to get out of tight corners fast. There is a very small margin of penalty for using the diesel as it offers just a little bit of coarseness in power delivery. The difference in performance with the gasoline engine is noticed only when it passes at high speeds. The costly hybrid however is the top performer of the range.

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