2015 Chevrolet Trax, another member of the wee SUV group ready for fight

2015-04-28 11:41:15
2015 Chevrolet Trax, another member of the wee SUV group ready for fight
2015 Chevrolet Trax, another member of the wee SUV group ready for fight

A new subdivision in car making is taking place just in front of our eyes and they are called the wee SUV. We would explain this segment like this:  Boxy and tall, carrying a price range of $16k to $25k. The segment been encroached by top players such as the   Mazda CX-3, Fiat 500X and Honda HR-V, and Chevy Trax is the latest member.

Some three vehicles from this segment were newly displayed at Los Angeles. The show also included the above players and joined by Kia Soul, Jeep Renegade and Nissan Juke, looks like we will see a street scuffle materialize with the outcome of this. Trax will be accessible to the USA audience says GM though it has been selling all over the world since year 2012. The global models donned 1.6L and 1.8L aspirated engines, along with a 1.4L turbo-four variant being the gasoline users and a 1.7L diesel engine variant was also used by them. The Trax was based on Sonic platform and was manufactured in Korea and Mexico.

The US bound version will be featuring only one engine choice and that will be a 138-hp, 1.4 Liter coupled to a 6-speed automatic gearbox, with an all-wheel-drive thrown in optionally. The US version would also offer three trim levels namely LS, LT and LTZ.  The starting price of Trax will be $20,995 and that will have front-wheel-drive, and for people going for higher trim it will be the LTZ with AWD costing $27, 405. GM has taken ample measures to make the Trax more responsive and has aptly tuned up the suspension and power steering. More noise deadening measures have been taken via windshields with thick lamination, thicker side glass, and acoustic pads placed under the dash.

A ball-ramp system has been implemented to move torque to the rear and the electronically controlled system does it by squeezing the clutch plate. The hand free auto assist helps straighten the car when it is trapped in foul weather and it is not driver lockable, but help the driver move the vehicle under the above conditions. After driving both the LT and LTZ trims in all-wheel and front-wheel-drive specification what we came across was that it had a short wheelbase of 168.5 inches only and in comparison shorter by 11-inches to the Honda CR-V. This one is the top seller in the segment and has a base price of $24, 200.                                                                                                                                                               

Looking at the interior replicates the interior of Chevy Sonic and it also features the 7-inch color touch screen which works as the interface for all info duties. BringGo, a special application takes care of the navigation here, and this can be connected to your smartphone.

The Trax comes in the curb weight range of 3050 to 3350 and it takes 9.0 seconds to beat the 0-60mph mark, and the quarter mile is passed in 17-seconds from an idle start. The Trax also touches a top speed of 128mph and the fuel economy figures are 26/34 mpg for city and highway.

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