Ford Focus ST Diesel Wagon, the denied for US wagon is diesel powered and manual stick equipped

2015-04-26 12:47:51
Ford Focus ST Diesel Wagon, the denied for US wagon is diesel powered and manual stick equipped
Ford Focus ST Diesel Wagon, the denied for US wagon is diesel powered and manual stick equipped

The 182hp 2015 Ford Focus ST Diesel Wagon with a six-speed manual is not available in the US, and we really hate Ford for that. Ford has never lagged behind in advertising its patriotism as you can see more denim in the F-150 advertisement accompanied by gravely voiceovers. Ford has always denied its global models for the Americans so we decided to test this wagon in Germany.

 Drivers view   is very much similar to the U.S. spec Focus ST hatchback and it is substantiated by the same Recaro sports seat with mega grip. You handle the same stout steering wheel and caress the same gear change bulbous lever. Even the dashboard is same with the same set of supplementary dials for   oil temperature, boost pressures and oil level.  The only authentic clue that distinguishes the euro version from the   US spec is the km/h Euro spec bar and the Celsius scales, which is confirmed when the rev counter change to red after it had reached “5”.

 The Powerplant is a tweaked variant of the Euro spec diesel 2.0 Liter four-cylinder turbo of Ford which is 60 horses adrift of the gasoline version. It offers a peak 182 horsepower which is derived at 3500 rpm and it generates more torque at 295 lb-ft. the peak torque is available at as low as 2000 rpm but you will see the performance figures on the sheet  expectedly lower. It takes 7.5 seconds to reach the 0-60mph mark and maximum speed achieved is 135 mph. when we tested the gasoline version it crossed the 0-60mph mark in just 6 seconds and clocked 150-mph of top speed. But when you compare it with the fuel economy figure of the TDCi, it is a highly optimistic Euro cycle 56mpg combined number. If we put through the EPA test then it would come up with a figure like 40 mpg on highway route.

There is not an iota of doubt that the gasoline engine will beat the daylight out of a diesel lump any day. Though lacking the spark like its sister with spark ignition, it is brawny and smooth inside. Meaning, there is no need of frequent gear changes. On the autobahn the ST hit a top speed of 220km/h which transpire into the claimed peak speed of 137mph and the diesel wagon was stable and comfortable when pushed hard.  

The ST wagon though slower than its gasoline sibling, Ford has not toned down this version like VW   does with its Golf GTD. This would mean solid springs and dampers, which hugely keeps the body   in control when commanded to make directional changes frequently. This also means harsher rides on bumpy grounds, while running at higher speeds.

This Ford Focus ST diesel wagon is offered in 4-door hatchback body style and can seat 5 passengers. It has front wheel drive and is designed with front engine layout. The estimated cost of the ST is 25,700 Euros in Germany and the VW Golf GTD variant is costing 26,900 Euros.

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