2014 Ram 4500 HD Chassis Cab 4x4 Crew Cab, try it for size

2015-04-25 10:47:02
2014 Ram 4500 HD Chassis Cab 4x4 Crew Cab, try it for size
2014 Ram 4500 HD Chassis Cab 4x4 Crew Cab, try it for size

You will not find an easier way to assess than use it the way it has been designed for. When we decided to move heavy things around the house   for the next few days we decided to employ this ploy.  First we wanted to test the regular cab, long-box bare bone version and put in a request for the same but we were asked in turn whether we would like to use a 2014 Ram 4500 HD chassis flatbed.

Well, our excitement had no bounds and we knew we had more than desired vehicle in our hand. When the 4x4 was delivered at our office, we found it in all its glory with 200-inch gluttonous wheelbase, and 11 feet of flatbed. One important note is that this flatbed is not built with the vehicle and a buyer has to place an order to obtain it. This is applicable to not just the flatbed, but everything including dump be, utility box and whatsoever.  So if you have plans for buying this truck, have an extra $3500 for the flat bed that we had on our test truck. It was a top-spec long-wheelbase variant Laramie trim and it comes with Hemi V-8 and optionally a turbo-diesel by Cummins is also available.                                    

While we were moving a 36- inch diameter tree from the brushes and also making   few rounds of the city to get sheetrock and insulation. The placed is opened at 6 AM and very few people who access the parking lot are professionals, and we   could observe glances of envy when we were maneuvering truck with its 55.7 –foot turning circle in the busy lumbar lifting zone. The big truck is not as hard as one would imagine driving in the city roads, and the long wheelbase and slow turning limited turn steering provided a sense of being planted in the center of the road.

The HD 4500 takes a good 12.4 seconds to accelerate to 0-60mph and once it gets started you would need to give it a good amount distance to bring it to a halt.  Well, panic braking would stop the car at 200-feet and the number would escalate if you load the truck and flat bed with its full payload capacity of 8640 pounds. The HD4500 can haul a full load of 24,650 pounds, while the smaller version tows 15,950 pounds.

 The Ram truck in contention here inducts a 6.4 Liter V-8 engine offering 370 horsepower and it is sufficient to keep the vehicle in pace with the traffic moving at 75-mph. This certainly would not help you improve the truck’s fuel economy and in our testing we saw 8 mpg. This is 3mpg lesser than the Ram 2500 equipped with a Hemi, but that figure represents a percentage of 38 improvement in fuel economy. A 52-gallon tank augments the 22-gallon smaller tank and every time you drop by the filling station you must expect to part with a couple of Benjamins. Well you also have another model, the 5500 if you are fond of absurdness.

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