Smart Forfour: the bigger sibling of Smart Fortwo is the new entrant in micro segment but not for the US

2015-04-25 10:46:09
Smart Forfour: the bigger sibling of Smart Fortwo is the new entrant in micro segment but not for the US
Smart Forfour: the bigger sibling of Smart Fortwo is the new entrant in micro segment but not for the US

The Smart ForTwo is an unexplained phenomenon in relevance to its existence. This costly conception can be seen strewn around the streets of Europe, where is lie unclaimed. The only reason why it survives is the stubborn stand of Daimler who insists on keeping it. This Micro automobile has never earned a profit the past 16 years and to rub it in the 2015 Smart Forfour has appeared on the horizon.

A steady 100, 000 unit’s sales has been registered by Smart ForTwo worldwide and this result could be attributed to the car being unique. The latest of the model will be coming as a 2016 model sometime in next year. Its big brother the Smart Forfour may be unheard for you, and this four-seater vehicle is the result of having association with Renault of France. The Forfour takes the chassis from the Renault Twingo and the five-speed manual, six-speed dual clutch transmission and the three-cylinder engines too have been borrowed from the Renault.  To complete the borrowing spree, the Forfour is being assembled by Renault in Slovenia.

After having done all it could, Smart has the least idea of how many examples of the Forfour will be sold in the market.  Considering the practical aspects of the vehicle this may appeal to parents who have children at home. But the whole concept might come down crashing as it happened with the last model and Smart has also experienced the same with the modified 2004 Colt of Mitsubishi.

Against the last Forfour, the new model has been typically stuffed with the brand exclusive rear-wheel-drive, rear engine layout, 3-cylinder engine, gearboxes similar to the Fortwo and also the old suspension.   The old material such as the plastic door and in place sheet metal has been preferred. The Smart Forfour also gains importantly in length by 31.5 inches at 137.6 inches and also ably makes a tight circle while turning. In 28-feet this is a useful trick while negotiating city traffic.  Other significant feature   is the rear folding seats that spares much luggage area and also the 85-degree opening doors.

Now the bitter news, the small wonder is not seeing the US shores. This tiny car costs 660 Euros or approx or $820 more compared to the ForTwo. Well, does it offer any value? No not at all, the Smart ForTwo being exclusive is too expensive, and by attaching two more doors this car is not going to be cheaper or bigger. You also have other players in this segment in the Hyundai i10, and the Skoda’s Citigo. These cars have no chance of buyers going for them; nevertheless you cannot simply brush aside say that the Forfour won’t have any competitor in the US. The Four has cars like the Fortwo sibling and the Scion’s iQ which are also counted in this segment.

Looks of the Forfour is akin to ForTwo and it even sports the multimedia 6.5 inch touch screen and the cute air holes. The car also has the LED day time running lights and cruise control,   speed limiter, power windows, and seatbelts as regular features. It has more goodies like the JBL audio system, 3.5-inch TFT screen, and also the Smartphone interface that keep you connected. The fuel economy average is 33-35mpg / 39-41mpg for city and highway as per EPA rating.

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