Dodge Challenger V-6 8-Speed Automatic, need more speed to be termed as a muscle car buy

2015-04-25 10:44:28
Dodge Challenger V-6 8-Speed Automatic, need more speed to be termed as a muscle car buy
Dodge Challenger V-6 8-Speed Automatic, need more speed to be termed as a muscle car buy

Now it has been confirmed that the Ford Mustang will be wearing a turbo four-cylinder, we are forced to evaluate the other entry level muscle cars mostly linked to rental car lots and secretarial pools. In our discussion we feature the Dodge Challenger SXT with V-6 to supply power and new eight-speed gearbox to distribute power.

The subject in contention also has a revamped interior and it shows certainly. The 2015 Dodge embraces the 1970 basics while applying the 1971 cues and this include grille with split sport inserts and quad trailamp. The LED headlamp sporting a halo and a sterner look while the front and rear fascia has been rendered smooth. The body changes have been very little but the interior has been dramatically transformed. While designing the car they placed a dashboard of the 1971 Challenger and it shows in the conical gauges with sweetly hidden indicators, and the classic letters. But all in all its contemporary, with soft touch panels, aluminum trim and strong forms.

The Challenger has retained the same 3.6 Liter V-6 engine but the transmission is new and a huge improvement and the ZF eight-speed automatic fully exploits the 305hp and 268 lb-ft generated by the engine while offering an improved fuel economy status of 19/30 mpg for city and highway compared to the previous 18/27. But the acceleration to 0-60mph has experienced a slight reversal with a respectable 6.4 seconds where as it is worth 6.2 seconds.  Lugging around huge weight the Challenger lags behind by a second over its competitors.

In spite of the retro-style gauges it manages to throw away the image with its pleasant interior. The eight speed automatic has not brought any magic to the performance but its smooth and decisive in its shifting and when in sport mode the downshifting is decisive. If you go for the Super Track Pak option costing $695 you will get steering wheel paddles, 20-inch wheels, revised steering, buttoned-down suspension, brake calipers with dual pistons and a 13.6 disc brake in the front, along with the Dodge Performance applications.

Tearing around the Portland International Raceway while equipped with the Super Track Pak, the SXT will hang with the 485-hp SRT392 Challenger easily in the crazier sections. You can attribute this to the 300 pounds reduced weight, responsive steering, and Goodyear tires supported by stronger brakes. The above said weight has been removed from the front axle section. The eight speed automatic transmission always finds the right slot when the engine is set in the sport mode. This allows you to record impressive timings on the track even when you leave the car in the drive.

In spite of this, the SXT Challenger requires a bit more speed and to look menacing to consider it as a buy of a muscle car. This would also be a justification for the fully loaded SXT Plus that we took for a ride as a $37,225 price tag car. However the Challenger with the V-6 and equipped with the Super Track option is certainly getting there.

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