2016 Audi S7, Livelier and brawnier than the A7 and RS7

2015-04-25 10:43:21
2016 Audi S7, Livelier and brawnier than the A7 and RS7
2016 Audi S7, Livelier and brawnier than the A7 and RS7

The Audi range of hatch-back sedans are being revamped for year 2016.  We at C/D had already sampled the refreshed A7 and RS7, now it is the turn of the cars that is being bracketed in to the S7 alphanumeric. The S7 receives minor mechanical and cosmetic changes but these are steps taken to make the model ever greater for the future. 

The boxlike front fascia of the present model has been replaced with sporty and elegant air intakes which used to be lower placed and near-rectangular.   The LED head lamps and taillights of the RS7 and A7 have been inducted here too, while the quadruple exhaust pipes of the S-trademark have been retained. The hatchback stores a 4.0 Liter twin-turbo V-8 which has been tweaked to offer 420hp and a solid 450 lb-ft torque. There is no change in the later output but it should perform suitably to everyone’s taste. The Powerplant may sound well known to you because it has been widespread in its use across the Audi range of S6 and RS7 and also the Bentley. But this engine presents a less boisterous character than what we have witnessed in the RS7.

Power is distributed in great force but you don’t hear the rawness and the horse bellow generated in the RS7. Once you start moving it you will find how it glides seamlessly and conceals the swiftness it can generate while it touches the 155mph electronically limited top speed. The engine is supported by a seven speed dual clutch automatic which offers crisp shifts while it is deadly quick. T his is the only car in the lineup to have this transmission as other in the A7 family wear an eight-speed automatic with torque convertor.  His is the signal for buyers who would prefer between quick shifts and smooth launch.  It is the same box with eight-speed but the RS7 with dual clutch simply can’t cope with the extra 110 lb-ft torque. The S7 based on the MLB platform offering modular-longitude is precisely engineered steering and the car feels smaller while taking on corners which are primarily owed to the sports differential which is near-telepathic.

The S7 has the most pleasant interior in its class, and has been offered with the same grade meted to the 2016 model A7. The instrument panel located in front of the driver can be described as huge but old TFT screen sandwiched between the speedometer and tachometer. The telematics and MMI infotainment setup installed here is the latest version update.

Rest of the features include cozier working environment with the driver assistance setups and the fancy new wood trim. Our test model had a carbon fiber woven red trim and it added sporty look to the interior. This is acquired taste and we doubt that it will make it to the model destined for the US. The 5-door hatch back has a base price of an estimated $84,000 and weighs 4500 pounds. The hatchback offers a fuel economy rate of 17/27mpg for city and highway.

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