2015 Hyundai Sonata Eco, This car plays the sweetest sonata

2015-04-25 10:36:23
2015 Hyundai Sonata Eco, This car plays the sweetest sonata
2015 Hyundai Sonata Eco, This car plays the sweetest sonata

The 2015 Hyundai Sonata has been improved in most of the ratings in its class, except for the cautious style it has been imparted with, the one that mystified everyone.  A new Powertrain has also been given to the Sonata and places almost at the top of the mid-size segment.

What we are referring here is the 1.6 Liter turbo four-cylinder engine coupled to a seven speed dual clutch automatic which is classified as the Sonata Eco. The combination results into very good fuel economy figures at 28/38 mpg in city and highway according to EPA and unexpected performance levels. With its smooth operations it impresses in every department.

 One should not mistake the 1.6 Liter as the toned down version of the 2.0 Liter Turbo that sits on top of the Sonata power source. Both these engines have been made of aluminum, for valves per cylinder, have variable timed cams and are fueled by direct injection and enhanced by twin turbochargers and intercooling. The 2.0 has been given a distinct square design sporting equal bore and stroke, but the 1.6 is not square and is offered 85-mm stroke and 77-mm bore compared to the former’s 86 x 86mm.  Maximum torque boost offered by the engine is as steep as a billiard table

With its huffing and puffing are not the most potent turbo engines around in the small- displacement category. In this category the EcoBoost 1.5 Liter in the Ford Fusion generates 181hp and 185 lb-ft torque, the 1.6 Liter EcoBoost in the Ford Fiesta churns out a power of 197-hp and 202 lb-ft torque. Compared to them the Sonata engine offers 178hp and 195 lb-ft and the later can be termed as robust when at its peak and available from the idle to 4500 rpm. It is a great  improvement   as the Eco model with an extra $928 betters the SE with 2.4 Liter naturally aspirated engine with four-cylinders, that offers an increased 185 hp but the torque available at 4000 rpm is just 178 lb-ft.

It is not just that there is an improved engine but also a transmission which is unique to mid-size sedan category as most of the sprout a six-speed, which also include the 2.0 Liter turbo found in the Sonata the seven-speed dual clutch given to the Sonata Eco’s gets the best out of the 1.6 Liter in terms of output. The combination achieves a 6.7 seconds timing at the 0-60mph mark and the quarter miles zipped at 15.3 seconds speeding at 92mph. The Ford Fusion EcoBoost engine does it in 8.2 seconds and the quarter at 16.3 seconds @85mph.

The difference here is owed to the weight, the Ford weighs 184 pounds more at 3481 lbs. this also shows in the fuel economy result of an EPA rated 25/37 mpg for the Hyundai while the Fusion eked out a 27mpg average during testing. When slotted in to the Eco mode sparsely the Sonata still earned a respectable 30mpg in our testing. Another interesting piece of info is that this Sonata Eco eclipsed the Sonata Sport with 2.0T by 1.3 seconds in the short sprint, which we tested few months back.

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