Fiat 500X, with increased size the US consumers will have a fiat which will appeal to adult audience

2015-04-22 08:01:09
Fiat 500X, with increased size the US consumers will have a fiat which will appeal to adult audience
Fiat 500X, with increased size the US consumers will have a fiat which will appeal to adult audience

The US market is going to see a real adult car from Fiat finally. This version of 500X welcomes aged drivers to slip into something more comfortable than what they have been going through in smaller two door offerings like the Cinquecento from Fiat. The ride is promised to be more engaging than what the 500L offered before.

Compared to the   L the X is a better vehicle and the advantage that it has is the spacious interior but we would propose that the former’s days in production are numbered. The return of Fiat to America has been engineered by the triumph of Mini. If you begin with a small car then the personalization options increase manifold, then it can be expanded by using the single design theme.  The Italians are going to make the break with the new 124 Spider next year which was nurtured along with the Mazda Miata. Currently all Fiats are known as the 500 in the country.

The X could be the factor that would widen the appeal of the brand to the American consumers who require much more than just bare minimum transportation. Though the design cut indicates the X to be another pretendor model from the original. Actually it is not, because it is built on a platform newly created by the designers and it is the first since the talk of the brand revival surfaced here. It was more modeled to the taste of the North America consumers. The car impressed even in the auto shows where it was paraded and in real life traffic it looks more impressive. The X has better and nicer interior materials than the 500L and the standard of workmanship is on higher level.  When we drove in and around Los Angeles with the preproduction models we got the inkling on the kind of cars that are to arrive here in the US in May.

The 500X shares its chassis with the Renegade and the engines are the usual FCA machines, which leaves just the tuning, tweaking and accessory fitting to differentiate it from its other siblings. The basic design with the 1.4 Liter Multiair turbo with 160-hp is offered with the Pop trim and it is also found in the Fiat 500 Abarth.  The Pop is fitted with a six-speed  manual gearbox to distribute power and this is the only model that has it, rest have the 9-speed automatic with manual shifting mode to control power. The later and the 2.4 Liter four-cylinder are standard equipment in all trim levels but are optional in the Pop.

The 500X has a front engine layout and offered with either front or four-wheel-drive. it has the capacity to seat five passengers and is conceived in 4-door hatchback body style. Base price of the Pop is $20,900 and the top of the heap Trekking Plus comes at a price of $28,000. In performance the X achieves the 0-60mph mark in 8.7 to 8.9 seconds and the quarter mile at 16.5 to 16.9 seconds. The car registers a top speed of 110mph and the EPA fuel economy rating is 21-24/29-31mpg for city and highway.

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