Volkswagen Passat Euro version: Quicker and more responsive version this time

2015-04-21 13:01:01
Volkswagen Passat Euro version:  Quicker and more responsive version this time
Volkswagen Passat Euro version:  Quicker and more responsive version this time

Volkswagen when wanted to enhance the US sales in a hurry it conjured up a Passat of a different kind. This new vehicle came in 2012 and was specially engineered for the US with a larger frame and cheaper price. Considering its European counterpart, this Passat was less refined. The new 2015 Passant looks like an Audi conceived by Volkswagen.

The PQ46 platform-based US spec Passat was being readied for a facelift, its European sibling was also scheduled for a refresh on the VW’s MQB platform, the coming year. The new model is of a progressive design and was developed under the supervision of Marc Lichte, currently with Audi. The Passat's exterior is weaved with horizontal lines and appears sleek and low.  For the first time in car history, the Passat has been given two types of headlights with different designs. Compared to the halogens the new LED lighting look different and also smaller in size and the LED lights with chrome strip is visible prominently. The fashionable LED taillights change to vertical from horizontal when you apply brakes.

Some 10 engine variants are available for the Passat in Europe, and we were made available with a 1.4 Liter TSI gas four-cylinder generating 150-hp as well as a 240-hp 2.0 L TDI. Both these turbocharged engines functioned satisfactorily. You see great alacrity and responsiveness from the manual gear transmission aided 1.4 Liter gasoline version. By deactivating two cylinders on the move, it can also save precious fuel. The Powerplant also produces sizable torque and shows no breathlessness till it reaches the 90-mph. Top speed generated by the Passat is 137 mph.

The other variant the twin-turbo four-cylinder offering 240-hp is simply amazing with its 369 lb-ft or torque. The thrust is non-stop even at three-digit speeds. It takes 6.2 seconds to reach the 0-60mph mark and makes a peak speed of 149mph.  By opting for the Passat, the European customers are not going to miss the Audi A4 diesel’s two extra cylinders.  At the EPA rating, the Passat would easily do a 40-mpg fuel average in US. In real life driving, if this mark is exceeded it would not surprise us.

 With a weight of just 2900 pounds, the vehicle is pretty quick, and this is quite evident with the gas version. At 3700 pounds, the diesel version is quite heavy, and this could be attributed to the Powertrain and numerous upgraded features. Both versions of Passat have been given three settings of an adaptive chassis. The featured Comfort mode is meant for a luxury ride of the traditional level, and the Sport allows you to take the Passat to back roads. The third mode offers a ride-balancing both of these.

This front engine layout 4-door sedan is given front or 4-wheel drive and offers a ride to 5-passengers. In Germany, the price estimated for the Passat is 25,550 Euros for the starter model offering 150-hp. The 2.0 TDI SCI 4MOTION is estimated at 36,650 Euros.  Rivals of the Passat in Europe the Ford Mondeo with 1.5 Liter EcoBoost is priced at 22,800 Euros and the 2.0 Liter Kia Optima is available for 21, 000 Euros.

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