2015 Audi Q3 2.0T Quattro, the smallest Q stands for polish not speed

2015-04-21 12:59:00
2015 Audi Q3 2.0T Quattro, the smallest Q stands for polish not speed
2015 Audi Q3 2.0T Quattro, the smallest Q stands for polish not speed

The Audi Q3 on sale in other markets for nearly three years has finally descended on America. It is not the same spec Q3 that is being circulated elsewhere but it offers a range of features that have been derived from the Q5 and Q7 but in a miniscule way.

For example the other market version has a dual clutch transmission but the example coming to the US will be sporting a torque convertor six speed automatic transmission. The 2015 Q3  coming to the US placed below the Q5, but establishes a new entry niche for the Audi sport oriented utes,  priming the maker to pit against the BMW X1 and the Mercedes-Benz GLA class. The Q3 is related to the VW Tiguan, but features more aluminum in the chassis along with high-strength steel that what the VW counterpart has in it. However this one is not based on the latest MQB which also has built the Audi A3 of the latest. So we shall have to wait for the second generation Q3 to be based on the above platform.

The test example a four-wheel-drive had a base price of $35,525 and may sound costlier for a small vehicle, but the interior appointments designated for the car is of top notch. Seats wrapped in genuine leather are standard feature, the Q3 is also offered with the infotainment interface of Audi, the MMI which is a high-profile system in the niche. This is available along with the navigation system in a package costing $1900.

When you compare this figure, the BMW X1 with four-wheel-drives is priced lower about $2000, but when we tested our long-term X1 xDrive28i we came to understand that the example becomes pricier with options. Examples of the same spec from Mercedes are $1300 lowly priced in comparison to Q3 but does not have the dual-zone climatic control, heated seats, xenon headlights and the panoramic sunroof which come standard with the Q3. If you add all these goodies the GLA will cross the $38, 625 price of the tested Q3 by a few hundred dollars. The tested Q3 had power hatch, 19-inch wheels and navigation.

First look produces an identical Q5 and you would think of the Q3 as the bigger sibling. By opening the door or hatch you will obviously see a smaller interior, but the space provided there is more than adequate.  But seating taller Individuals in the front seat could hamper the leg space for back seat occupants. Cargo hold at the back is relatively shallow and the Q3 provides raised seating position for the driver which most buyers long for.

 The Q3 is not fast like the Tiguan in take offs and the GLA and the X1 beat the Q3 in the quarter mile race with seconds. The Audi also possess slower passing time. You can understand this by simple basics associated with these cars. The Q3 is the least power of the trio with 200hp and takes the second place in the weight department.  The torque convertor of the Q3 also does kick off like the ZF eight-speed of the X1 or the dual clutch of the GLA.

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