Mercedes-Benz C350e Plug-In Hybrid that promises 98 to 112mpg on Euro cycle

2015-04-16 11:59:50
Mercedes-Benz C350e Plug-In Hybrid that promises 98 to 112mpg on Euro cycle
Mercedes-Benz C350e Plug-In Hybrid that promises 98 to 112mpg on Euro cycle

Mercedes-Benz has abandoned the name PLUG-IN HYBRID and in place has opted for a sublime sounding “e” to the alphanumeric of its models. The latest announcement from the makers that a 10 plug-ins will be hitting the streets is followed by the C350e.    

The C350e is the latest candidate after the S550 plug-in hybrid to come out of the assembly and as the name indicates that six-cylinder engine is boasted in the C though the tall claim of Mercedes indicating towards a fuel economy average of a three-cylinder engine. The trick lays with the C’s electrified Powertrain, which features a four-cylinder generating 208hp and additional 80hp pumped in by an electric motor. The C in total has a bountiful of thrust with 443 lb-ft. This according to Benz standard is not explosive but serene, enhanced by the neo-S class comportment of the C-class.

There is no sound of CVT droning, but the seven-speed automatic given here is the trusted equipment of Benz. An electric motor coupled with a wet clutch is featured in place of the torque converter which offers torque convertor like smoothness and efficiency. Shift paddles fitted in the Mercedes do more than control regenerative power.

The 350e has four choices of electricity management options that include Hybrid, E-Save, E- Mode and Charge, and a series of driving modes that include Eco, Sport, Sport+ and Comfort, thus permitting the vehicle to transport from congested city roads to steep hill sides on battery power alone. On the Euro cycle, according to Mercedes it is good for 20 miles on electric power.  When we tested we just managed 8 on the streets of Cisco.  Once out of the city cluster, the C350e became a regular and fine cruiser, on highways and was more than interested party on barren rural pathways. It will not be an AMG by mistake but when called for it will certainly hustle.

 Talking about the interior it is C-class, which denotes a cheap feeling subpar car cabin. It is no more, and it means comfort, material excellence and style now.  One minus point is the COMAND info system which still lags behind the other two German luxury brands in terms of usability. The anemic sounding voice of the four-cylinder exhaust was effectively muffled by the Burmester sound system.  If you are carbon concerned then you might as well stock up MP3s of Kraftwerk.  

There is one significant issue with the c350e as it is going on sale this fall at a base price of estimated under $40, 000 that the car will be sold only in states that toe the zero- emission laws of California. This is the fate allocated for economy EVs with their limited range.  Fuel economy is another big issue that you need to wait and see. On Euro cycle Mercedes quote that it will be 98 to 112 mpg.  Daimler is closeted about the numbers and is not coming out with it till it is launched. But considering the optimistic Euro cycle that EPA ratings for the 350e is going to equal with the Chevrolet Volt.

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