Audi S6 E Xperience: a performance oriented car

2015-04-15 11:02:10
Audi S6 E Xperience: a performance oriented car
Audi S6 E Xperience: a performance oriented car

Audi S6 E Xperience is a wonderful vehicle that offers you opportunity of enjoying the wonderful driving experience. The vehicle has left people amazed via making fresh milestones in a minimal time. The vehicle is not only performance oriented vehicle, but it can also be used for daily uses. 

Audi S6 E Xperience is a vehicle which is considered a car to leave behind the off line quirkier car R8 especially in regard of the agility. It is a big thing for this car, may be, it is overstated, or a personal experts’ opinion. But it gives us a clue that the car has capability to entertain to the people who like throttle of the vehicle. The vehicle weighing 1.9 ton is such a vehicle which has set new milestone standards in a very short period of time. This is such a performance vehicle that is also good for everyday uses.

If we talk about the overall look of the vehicle, you will be in such position that you will say nothing but your mouth will open wide uttering ‘Wow’! For the normal people, it is hard to make difference between the both vehicles: A6 and S6. But, when they are scrutinized deeply, some remarkable changes can be found. These distinct changes make this new vehicle bolder. The front grille of the vehicle has been equipped with a S6 badge which has been fixed nicely and exactly in the middle of the two chrome inserts. Air intakes equipped with the front bumper has been embedded with the bling with chrome ascent. Some other attractions of the vehicle are 19 inches alloy wheels, mirrors with aluminum finish, almost nominal boot lip spoiler, and also quad-exhaust setup.

If you peek inside the cabin, you will find that the layout of interior is akin to the interior of the A6; however, it has been incorporated with the Alcantara leather which has been embedded with the sporty theme of all black. You will amaze finding lavish use of the aluminum with the dashboard, brake paddle, accelerator pedals, and also pedal shifters.

Under the hood, the vehicle S6 has a twin turbo-charged 4.0 liter V8 petrol engine which is capable to deliver 420 bhp of power which has paired the 550 Nm of force. This is the vehicle which runs minimum 1400 rpm. The engine has mated with a popular all wheel drive system Quattro from the Audi. The engine is enough capable to run the vehicle with over 220 kilo meter per hour. The vehicle can cover 100 kilometer per hour in just 4.6 seconds which has the likeness of a sport car. The vehicle has been featured with the technology that let the cylinders cut off whenever it is needed. 

This new car can easily be managed. It also reduces emission, and delivers better efficiency. The vehicle has been sported with the feature named Active Noise Cancellation. The car is a better vehicle than its some rivals in regard of comfort as the vehicle offers both performance as well as the comfort. Thus you can enjoy good riding with your family.

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