Chevrolet SS Manual, Car that BMW will not build is offered with 5 Color choices

2015-04-14 13:18:24
Chevrolet SS Manual, Car that BMW will not build is offered with 5 Color choices
Chevrolet SS Manual, Car that BMW will not build is offered with 5 Color choices

The Chevrolet SS barely exited the parking we already started exclaiming, “This is the stuff!” The Chevy just takes off on overdrive as you feed the LS3 V-8 engine offering 415 horsepower with throttle input in your first shift. That last model lacked the manual and it was also limited in production.  

However the 2015 SS in spite of its low volume production is hugely enhanced by the support of a Tremec six-speed manual gearbox and rear-wheel-drive and drivers with serious intent would be benefitted from this. The manual is a no cost option and choosing it also avoids the tax trap laid for gas guzzlers. The automatic has a final ratio of 3.27:1 compared to the 3.70:1 of the manual. 1 mpg city mileage rating is added to the fuel economy by the 1-4 skip-shift maneuvers done during acceleration.

 A standard Magnetic Ride Control hugely improves the well-tuned suspension of last year and it is standard in the new car. Brembo has been added to the rear brakes too. A fully equipped SS comes at a cost of $46,740. If you want to have an opening in the roof then for $900 Chevrolet will do that for you. This money will be well spent on blotting out the excess chrome by aftermarket solution.

There are five new colors available for the Chevy and the Alchemy Purple and the Perfect Blue on our test car are among them. This indicates that Chevrolet has eye on the palette of candy crush colors offered by Dodge Charger. Comparing it car-to-car we would choose a Chevy over the fast darting Charger. The winter made it difficult to achieve substantial numbers but we saw some emerge strongly. The 0-60mph run was accomplished in a mere 4.6 seconds and the quarter mile a 13.0.  Compared to manual the automatic is quick by the tenth as it is easily launched and you don’t need relax the pedal while shifting gears. While deliberating this, we found both the manual and automatic clocking 111mph to race to the quarter mile.

The braking stop was done in 159-feet from 70-0mph, which can also be termed as excellent. This is six feet more than the last model we tested one year ago, but the pedal is easily modulated and it feels good. We did not experience any fade from repeated braking.  The skidpad figure is an improved from 0.95 to 0.97g which is really commendable for a four-door vehicle.

The 2015 Chevrolet SS manual is offered in 4- door sedan style and has the seating capacity of 5- passengers. The layout design is front engine and is run on rear-wheel-drive.  The engine has aluminum block and heads and it is port fuel injected. The engine has a displacement of 6162 cc and it produce equal number of power and torque at 415-hp and 415 b-ft. the peak torque is achieved at 4600 rpm. The Chevy has a curb weight of 3970 lb and it produces a top speed of 160mph. Fuel economy according to EPA is 15/21 for city/highway and we observed 15mpg overall.

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