How Pioneering Automotive Company Got Its Name As ‘Nissan’

2014-01-12 07:21:41

The pioneer of today has very interesting background in its historic path of evolution. Not only it teaches values but also portrays how hard the lives of the legends are. The automotive industry has got one such pioneer of Japanese origin. 

The Nissan is the name that can be heard right from the mouth of small kid to the teen of the High School, not just because it has spread its wings over multiple aspects of transportation but also because of its appealing brand recognition. Not many people know the interesting story behind this very famous name of the automotive industry. The company has got its name ‘Nissan’ in a very interesting sequence of evolutionary pathway. Let’s have a look over this exciting flash fiction. 

Setting Up Of Plot

The root of this real life fiction can be traced back 1911 when a novice, named Masujiro Hashimoto,  set up preliminary automotive company, known as Kwaishinsha Motor Car Works. He could have been entitled as the founder of the modern Nissan in case it had the habit of taking credit. By the way, the company manufactured its first luxury car in 1914, which named DAT. Interestingly, this name was derived from the first alphabets of the names of its engineer’s family members. The model was so popular that the company was renamed as DAT Jidosha & Co., Ltd in 1926. This was the time when the foundation of the modern Nissan was built and it was busy manufacturing trucks and Datsun cars.

How Word ‘Nissan’ Originated

Yoshisuke Aikawa, a major engineer and businessman, founded Nihon Sangyo, an automotive company, in which the DAT Jidosha & Co. Ltd was merged with greater number of shares. If you must be noticing, the above line must describe DAT Jidosha & Co. Ltd in coloration with Nihon Sangyo. But, the reverse is true due to the treaty signed between the both. Gradually, the Nihon Sangyo got listed on the Stock exchange and was short named as Ni San as a stock exchange symbol. Now, it is not hard to guess how easily it would have got converted to the word ‘Nissan’.

 Official Use Of Word ‘Nissan’

Although in common use, the word ‘Nissan’ was not frequently used for the official purposes. It was not until 1934 when the formal crack in the Tobata Casting broadened and led to the origin of the new subsidiary, formally named, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. (Nissan Jidōsha, in Japanese). Later on in the same year, the company effectively emerged as the complete automotive company owned by Nihon Sangyo and Hitachi. Still, it was the Datsun model that was the base of all vehicles manufactured by Nissan.

Today, headquartered in Nishi-ku, Yokohama, Japan, the Nissan Motor Co. Ltd has been a name in the top list of the world. It is not only limited to the road cars but goes beyond the race tracks as well. The company extensively spends on research work in order to continue the custom of giving breakthrough model to the world. The breathtaking story of Nissan includes many ups and downs that have helped it to be a benchmark in itself.

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