Top 5 Facts About Mitsubishi Group Of Companies

2014-01-12 07:18:31

The Mitsubishi has earned worldwide popularity and fame in the field of the automotive industry. However, this benchmark has been earned after decades of struggle on the ground of the global automobile market. This struggle has crowned Mitsubishi with some of the most appealing achievements that are described here as the amusing facts about the company. 

The Mitsubishi group of the company has various subsidiaries that have been integrated under one umbrella of the main binding chain. Let’s have the look of the top 5 facts about the Mitsubishi group of companies that have made it stand out of the crowd of automobile companies.

Fact 1:  The company’s headquarter is located in Minato, Tokyo. But, what is so wondrous about it? The main fact is that it has been ranked as the 16th principle car manufacturer in the whole world. Now when headquarter, alone, has been ranked within top 20 manufacturers, one can easily imagine its potential if all the units are united together.

Fact 2: The Mitsubishi has launched a breakthrough model of the Lancer coded as the Lancer 1600 GSR. The model was optimized for the hostile journey of the Safari in the East African regions. Interestingly, it won the race in 1974. So, what makes it astonishing? It is the fact that all this was the part of the first attempt of the company.

Fact 3: The international actor and martial artist, Jackie Chan, has been seen in his movies with Mitsubishi vehicles only. The reason behind this was the 20 years of his association with the company. Now, what would you say? Is it an honor for the world famous company or for this big celebrity? Really tough!

Fact 4: The prime manufacturing units of the companies resides only in 6 nations, while its car models are sold all across the international market, including more than 150 countries. Just imagine the massive scale transportation, not to focus the cost but the size of the transportation resources, moving from one nation to another.

Fact 5: Right from 2009, the Mitsubishi has been engaged in selling its world famous model of the electric car. Interestingly, the efficient features, performance and the jolly drive of the car have grown in demand so much that company has to launch it a year before it was planned. The model comes with a Li–ion battery.

 There is no doubt that Mitsubishi has earned more than 50 years of the experience in the field of Motorsport and has been at the honorable position among all the automotive companies. With the unparalleled consecutive victories in many series of the international races, the company has really reached a point where it is the benchmark in itself. No matter which type of car, whether sport or casual model, you need and in which part of the world you reside, the Mitsubishi will always have plenty of options to suit your needs. After all, the name ‘Mitsubishi’ itself signifies the ‘3 Diamonds’, as clear from its appealing logo.

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