The 2016 Volvo XC 90 is a future pathfinder for space-copious and efficient SUVs

2015-04-05 13:06:17
The 2016 Volvo XC 90 is a future pathfinder for space-copious and efficient SUVs
The 2016 Volvo XC 90 is a future pathfinder for space-copious and efficient SUVs

The 2016 Volvo XC90 by the Swedish automaker is a large SUV that bundles together luxury, mirroring against the conventional and functional exquisite Germanic brands. The new XC 90 is modestly designed on the exterior, with the finest materials and a subtly made infotainment system that eases cruising and is overly intuitive. In addition to this, it is packed with loads of advanced safety features, copious to accommodate seven occupants and their belongings, functionality-focused cockpit and the legendary Volvo trends of solidity and meticulous styling.   

For the XC 90, twin powertrains are available. The first is a T6 model 2.0-liter 4V turbo and supercharged that churns out 316 horsepower and mates to an 8-speed automated transmission. For this version, AWD is standard and returns better fuel efficiency than the common SUVs out there. Alternatively, there will be a T8 twin mill plug-in hybrid version, this transposes the conventional all-wheel-drive for an 82-horsepower electric motor mounted on the back axle, and this gives the car two operable engines. This is the quickest and most costly of all XC 90s, generating 400 horsepower and an amazing 472 pound-feet of twist.

The exterior profile of the new XC 90 is crispy, fluid and long enough to accommodate seven passengers. The cabin is widely-lauded design-wise, standing apart from Germanic rivals. The leatherette fragrance and full-upholstery makes seats comfy, components are leather-wrapped, metallic and matte wood trims that harkens to Scandinavian furniture. A 9” touch screen on the center portions of the dashboard is intuitive, frontal seats are new-fangled.  Front seats are flexible in multi-axes and are superbly cozy, second-row seats slither in front and backward.

The Volvo safety features are well-known, starting with the rollover prevention, auto braking if the car veers off, run off road bolstering, belt pre-tension and crushable aids in the frontal seats to dissipate collision forces, this forestalls severity in spinal injuries. Top ratings were also ascribed to the XC 90 by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration as well as the IIHS; this is just like its antecedents. This is in addition to complete air bag setup for frontal and rear passengers, a traction/stability control system, loads of driver assist tech and electronic force distribution.   

The Volvo will come standard with hosts of standard equipment for the base entry-level model, including all-wheel-drive, third-row seat, heated and ventilated frontal seats, panoramic sunroof, leatherette upholstery and rear-parking camera. The to-ranging luxurious models will add on these to give a complete ensemble in elegance while there are optional packages.

Overall, the Volvo is well-equipped to surpass its rivals in the segment, has potent mills and packs a wide array of recherché features. With these features, it is tenable the XC will lure more buyers to its side though facing stiff rivalry from the legendary automakers like German and Japanese models. With its Volvo ethos, the XC has what it takes to ignite demand in flexible markets like the US and European markets, thus it has more sales volumes in the offing.

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