The 2015 Panoz Esperante Spyder GT is a continuum of a renowned brand

2015-04-03 12:38:53
The 2015 Panoz Esperante Spyder GT is a continuum of a renowned brand
The 2015 Panoz Esperante Spyder GT is a continuum of a renowned brand

The 2015 Panoz Esperante Spyder GT which is developed by the American sports automaker was debuted decades ago but features plethora updates, in the interior and exterior, and overly potent and a larger mill. Like antecedent Esperantes, the new Spyder will be offered as standard as well as GT models; the latter is distinguished by a broader body kit. Make no mistake; the Panoz is far from being a mainstream car as the brand has already captured a substantial toehold already. 

The exterior, though analogous to the debuting version unveiled in 2000 has contradistinction details. In font, this is depicted by the bumper which is wholly refined and has a new set of headlights. Taillights are revamped while the conspicuous spoiler has been jettisoned for the model to keep a Ferrari-like look at the black center. The Spyder also has a broader body that is marked by aluminum panels along flared carburized fenders.

Though the outside is a near recrudescence of the previous generation design, the interior is diametrically opposed to this trend. The cabin comes with high-grade leatherette that wraps everything from the dashboard, door panels and seats; the remainder features carbon-fiber materials. The race-enthused seats come with form-dovetailing bolsters and carburized shells, and are outfitted with four-point safety features with balancing reels and lock-out knobs. An ultramodern, 10.6” instrumental display was adopted and is run through knobs on the leatherette-coated Momo steering wheel. However, the steering wheel also comes wrapped in carbon-fiber in Alcantara as optional. The dash encompasses a 7-inch entertainment screen combining the navigation system, DVD-player, satellite radio and climate control.    

The Esperante gives shoppers twin mill options. The base entry-level model is equipped with a 5.0-liter V8 giving 430-horsepower and the expensive version is the supercharged 5.4-liter V8 with 560 horsepower output. The two power units boast sequential multiple-port electronically-injected fuel and a 3.55:1 proportion, limited slip differential. The close-proportion Tremec T56 magnum 6-speed manual transmission is standard, while the 6-speed auto with paddle shifters is optional. This sprints the Spyder to the 0-to-60 mph benchmark within 3.7 seconds while optimum speed is 172 mph.   

The car ride on the modular substantial-aluminum chassis that has overly modified stampings that gives a stiff, long-lasting and lightweight superstructure for speed and perfect roadster body-styling.  Also notable in the technical specs of the Spyder GT is the autonomous frontal and back suspension that has a hollow sway bar, tubular-alloy control arms, refreshed bushings, adaptive nitrogen-powered shocks and coil-over springs. Braking force comes from the 14” discs with 6-piston Brembo calipers up front and 4-piston calipers at the back.  

Overall, the Spyder has factors to buoy on in the market, count the V8 and substantial aluminum framework material that gives it fast speed. Exclusively, this is a race-bred and powerful sports car whose price tag correspond the meticulous aesthetics and technical designs. Those who are conversant with the earlier model will leap at the new features adopted for this model. However, it will crush horns with established players in the market like Germanic sports cars.

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