2015 Jaguar CX 17 Sport SUV is a nifty blend of performance and modern tech features

2015-04-03 12:36:50
2015 Jaguar CX 17 Sport SUV is a nifty blend of performance and modern tech features
2015 Jaguar CX 17 Sport SUV is a nifty blend of performance and modern tech features

If there is a car that conflates speed and performance, it is the 2015 Jaguar CX 17 Sport’s SUV. This brand model distinguishes itself in a crowded marketplace with its top-class luxury, coziness and pleasure-giving components. Undoubtedly, the new design and ingenious styling will give it an edge as buyers seek plusher and appealing artistic features integrating modern technology. The iterations are led by entrancing looks, potent mill and an aluminum structure that gives it efficiency in performance and high-class finish. 

The CX 17 Sport SUV is equipped with a 2.0-liter engine that generates 200 horsepower and 300 pound-feet of twist; this will be the prime version. Rumors intimate there will be sport-tuned engine options with three liters supercharged as to add on the ponies output. All mills will dovetail into the eight-speed automated unit that transmits power to rear and front-wheels, the diesel variant checks in at 30 mpg while the petrol at 24 mpg. With the RWD in place, impeccable performance, handling and maneuvering are expected to give an exclusive driving experience.  

Exterior features show the CX 17 is an evolutionary product, it will be offered in tripartite elegant colors, including Cesium Blue, Gold and brilliant alloy, all sparkling to complete the luster. This model is designed with the highlights of the BMW X3 and quasi-crossovers; it apes their gloss external looks and finely-finished surfaces of a sports auto.

Inside, the Jaguar CX 17 is sumptuous, elegant and copious. It also comes with state-of-the-art interactive technology enriched with high-grade materials that lean towards British design that pays rigorous attention to details that is perfect and illustrious. There is yawning leg room, copious trunk compartment that is appropriate for family trips. The frontal seats are ergonomically-inspired while cockpit thrones are heated and ventilated. Overall, rear and frontal occupants are accommodated in luxurious seats and comfy rides.

The black anodized metallic polish of the equipment, rotary gear shift and ruthenium upscale complement the brilliance and décor balance in the cabin. There is a satellite navigation system, infotainment player incorporating a woofer and dual-zone climate control and rear entertainment while there are additional accessories. Also notable is a durable battery that supports interior telematics, advanced charge protection that increases duration time and retains more power. The cargo compartment is capacious while the bonnet opens smoothly.

For the safety department, expect more than compliant multi-airbags, traction and stability control system, road monitoring programs and driver aid technologies.

Overall, the 2015 Jaguar CX 17 Sport SUV quintessentially incorporates all the essentials expected in cars in its class but goes a notch higher to provide a buyer with extras. Though rival versions come with luxury packages, they cannot outweigh what this SUV provides as standard. Thus, buyers have a pocket-friendly option to cross-shop in the SUV segment where performance says nothing without pragmatic elegant details. Nevertheless, since the brand is already established, it would be hard to argue it will not capture volume sales, in fact once unveiled; it will hit the ground running.   

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