Mercury Automobile – Jack Of The Automotive Industry

2014-01-12 07:14:29

Not all car manufacturing companies had been the Jack of the automotive industry. This is the title that can be well reserved for the Mercury Automobile. However, the triumph of prophecy was not audible right from the moment it stepped into the market. But, the gradually shaping of the tone was not unpredictable for the market researchers.

Right from the time of its establishment in 1938 by Edsel Ford, son of Henry Ford, it has developed its image in the form of an appealing automotive Jack that has covered nearly every field of transportation from its extensive range of the striking car models. Let’s have a quick glance over the ground breaking models of Mercury Automobile that shaped its image as the automotive Jack.

Mercury Mystique

Starting from one of the most demanded models series, the Mercury Mystique stands as the latest model manufactured by the company for the commercial purpose. It is a compact-sized sedan that shares its base with the first generation of the globally marketed car model, Ford Mondeo, but far more attractive and efficient. This 4 door sedan was available in the 3 prominent levels, viz., GL (Basic), LX (Luxurious) and SE (Sporty). The inline four-cylinder having 125 HP (93 kW) power of 2.0 L Zetec engine was the main base of the model that too in the combination with five speed manual transmission. It would be worth telling that it was one of the most reasonably priced sedans in the US during its era.

Mercury Milan

When it comes to a mid-sized sedan, the only image that comes in the mind is the sedan with 72.2 inch width and 55.8 inches height and blunt front bumpers. Obviously, the Mercury Milan has played a significant role in forming this image of the Mid-Sized Sedan. The newly revised 2010 model of the Milan has been integrated with the thrilling 3.0 L Duratec V6 FWD engine with breathtaking 240 HP (179 kW) power to boost it up at 6550 RPM. There is no doubt that this model would have soon got a place in the garages of businessmen as well as top bureaucrats.

Mercury Mountaineer

Mountaineer proved to be a breakthrough model of the Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) that has been designed, as the name suggested, for as tough roads as that of the Rocky Mountains. Obviously, it got under many revisions and the latest 4th Generation model has got the integration of the 4.6 L Modular V-8 engine with 6 speed 6R automatic transmission. There is no doubt that this SUV would have broken many records of the sale-figures of the SUVs by the Mercury Automobile.

In short, the years of the uprising of the Mercury Automobile have made it highly flexible to get adjusted in nearly every field of the car models, ranging from the mid-sized sedans to the Sports Utility Vehicles. This triumph of the company has been a major reason why it has been widely known as the Jack of the Automotive Industry all across the world. 

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