Volkswagen Golf SportWagen, worth the wait, as you get the best basics of the Volkswagen’s Golf

2015-04-01 12:07:00
Volkswagen Golf SportWagen, worth the wait, as you get the best basics of the Volkswagen’s Golf
Volkswagen Golf SportWagen, worth the wait, as you get the best basics of the Volkswagen’s Golf

The Golf SportWagen was revealed two Geneva auto shows ago by VW and it is has finally arrived. The much anticipated replacement for the Jetta SportWagen will be seen in dealerships across the US in April. This unpardonable wait was triggered by lack of assembly space at the Puebla, Mexican plant of the German automaker. 

We had already driven the European model and reported it that summer and since then we sat in anticipation for the wagon to arrive in the US.  Like the 10Best hatchback and GTI of Golf, the assembly of the SportWagen also delayed due to lack of infrastructure at the VW’s assembly plant in Mexico. After driving the North American models of SportWagen built in Mexico are as enjoyable as the Golf examples of the seventh generation. 

The SportWagen offers a total of 10 configurations for driving, and they include six trim levels including SEL, S and model SE. These can be bought in either a 1.8L petrol engine with TSI 4-cylinder, or a 2.0L diesel TDI engine.  If you add the available three transmissions the tally completes and you have not even opened the option list.  The test team sampled the top of the heap gasoline model and a fully loaded SEL trim with diesel. A manual transmission has been offered to the TSI model like it is with other Golfs and it is a five speed unit inducted in a base S model. It is restricted with a peak torque of 199 lb-ft and a power output of 170 horses.  The SE and the SEL models with gasoline engines are regularly given the six-speed automatic. With the TDI models six-speed stick is standard. If you do away with the clutch then you may have to shell out an additional $1100 irrespective of a dual clutch DSG diesel or the torque.

Considering the position of the weakling in the range, the cost of $22,215 offers a lot of goodness to customer. No, it does not offer you navigation or push button start, but offers the strong foundation of the Golf basics for those who choose driving experience over luxury. These include a wider and bigger luggage area, a foot long vehicle length, stiffer rear springs and an added weight of 100 lbs. These additions in no way reduced the characteristics of the tight assembly, rigid structure, and consumer friendly drive handling.

The Golf SportWagen has front engine layout with front-wheel-drive, and the body style offered is 4-door hatchback with space enough to seat 5 passengers. The 2.0 Liter diesel   offers 150hp and 236 lb-ft of torque. Base price starts with $22,215 for the S model and the highest SEL sells at $30,165. The TDI   base model starts at $25, 415 and the top TDI SEL version sells for $31,165. Curb weight of the Golf SportWagen ranges from 3100 lbs to 3300 lbs. The wagen reaches the 0-60mph mark in 7.0 seconds to 8.5 seconds depending on the model you choose. A quarter mile is done in 15.7 to 16.7 seconds and the top speed achieved is 125mph.

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