The 2015 Mercedes-Benz E-Class harkens to the antecedent model’s elegance and style

2015-03-23 11:53:06
 The 2015 Mercedes-Benz E-Class harkens to the antecedent model’s elegance and style
 The 2015 Mercedes-Benz E-Class harkens to the antecedent model’s elegance and style

The 2015 Mercedes-Benz E-Class is finely crafted as a midsized luxury auto with high quality materials, elegance and solidity. A quirk trend for the automaker this time, in lieu of the flashy exteriors and ingenious styling, the sales pitch this time touts safety features as the centerpiece. To this end, every E-Class is equipped with tip top safety and handling-technology, alongside overly opulent class-exclusive equipment and options. The E-Class supple metallic sheer blends impeccably with various models, while mill options range from the standard 4-cylinder turbo-diesel to the brawny dual-turbocharged V8 mounted in the AMG versions.

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class lineup presents a marvelous seven engine options with varying configurations for each powerplant. While the whole lineup is capable of solid rides and immense recherché, each delivers distinct performance. For instance, the E250 BlueTEC 4-Matic generates adequate twist in the low revolutions per minute range; it gives jackrabbit acceleration with a silent and fuel-friendly powerplant. The novel bi-turbocharged E400 is a good option instead of the V8, but the E550 will still be available. The top-ranging among the E-Class models is the E63 AMG, with 4-Matiac AWD system that serves up 577-horsepower to all wheels. 

The interior is rich with a long roster of standard features, including comfy seats, copious headroom and handy ergonomics. Wooden trim finish is standard to all models and so is genuine leatherette coating. Upscale dash materials and ingeniously refined cabin curves catapults the E-Class a notch higher compared to the antecedent models. It still retains hard-edges and uses a back-facing third-row seat for more occupants.  

The E-Class vintage is marked by the fur-lamp LED headlamps on the nose, depicting an overly aggressive demeanor with a humongous Mercedes-Benz emblem observable on the grille. There are meticulous details that intimate artistic prowess in Mercedes-Benz craftsmanship witnessed by entrancing flanks for a quaintly enhanced visual presence. Twin-door coupe alongside convertible versions are roughly 7” shorter compared to E-Class sedans, evidenced by the absence of a conventional B-pillar in between side windows. 

The E-Class portfolio is offered standard with the automaker’s COMAND audio system incorporating Bluetooth, however navigation comes at extra bucks. The typical setup of other standard equipment includes power-adaptive seats, dual-zone climate control, luxurious bells/whistles, a supple Alcantara headliner and a power sunroof.

On the optional packages side, shoppers get stand-alone paraphernalia like Keyless Go and backside air bags, choices complete the ensemble. The Driver Assist pack brings extras like the adjustable cruise control, active blind-spot monitoring as well as the lane-veer off alert. The Premium pack on various versions brings a rear-view camera, ventilated/heated seats, satellite radio, Harman/kardon Logic seven surround and navigation system. The Mercedes Benz 4-Matiac AWD system is optional for all variants with the exception of the E 63 where it is standard but omitted in the E 400 Hybrid. Nevertheless, Cabriolets can be outfitted with a wind-taming air-cap and an air-scarf neck-heating system.

Overall, the E-Class has many options for shoppers who have a penchant for immaculate luxury while its sales buoy on the Brand’s name that has a toehold in this segment. 

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