2015 Spyker B6 Venator Spyder Concept Car is a work of ingenuity

2015-03-21 09:33:59
2015 Spyker B6 Venator Spyder Concept Car is a work of ingenuity
2015 Spyker B6 Venator Spyder Concept Car is a work of ingenuity

The release of the 2015 Spyker B6 Venator Spyder concept auto reiterated the beauty of the automaker in designing high-tech coupes. The Spyder B6 has kept enthusiasts on tenterhooks as a distinct convertible, offering a unique blend of heritage, styling, high-performance and class-exclusive features. It will be a compact twin-door mid-engine and sport car-tuned. It will be perked with fine details and touches meant to infuse elegance and exclusivity. Also expected are advanced technology components that will see it meet the needs of shoppers. The Spyker is made with ample tenacity to enable it navigate all roads. 

The Spyker Concept features classical cues of the aviation past of the brand, meticulously detailed styling and customized materials giving a modern statement that is the automaker’s axiom. The patented radiator grille mesh is notched, reflecting the coupes of the last century. The 1903 indicia of the Spyker echoes a vintage when racers like the spectacular 60 HP were tip top in the market.

The headlamps, incorporating LED light rails infuse an aggressive standpoint. The 3D taillights are analogous to the iris-based post-burners of a jet motor from the latest fighter aircraft. The brake lighting is now sculpted in the back panel design to allow sleek, flowing styling lines. It will also feature aggressively polished 19-inch TurbofanTM wheels while a classical aphorism expressive of the brand’s name is inscribed on the fairings.

Interior highlights countenance the unrivalled beauty the craftsmanship seeks to bestow on the Spyker. The cabin will be a sprawling sea of high quality materials that are ventilated and handy for a racecar, matching the cockpit of a plane. Surfaces will be coated with unique leatherette materials that are outsourced from the Royal Hulshof Dutch Tanneries. This company is known to use West Europe’s top-ranging bull hides as well as a unique tanning process which produces beautifully enriched palette. The ignition knob elicits the conjecture of lifting off a plane; other components like the instrumental panels that illuminate the cockpit are akin to an airplane’s.

The dashboard is showcased with a turned aluminum fascia, imparting from the 1920 Spyker. The engine specifications encompass a potent V6 mill which churns out up above 375 horsepower. The patented gear change mechanism imports from conventional Spyker aircraft controls with ingenious features. The body kit of the new Spyker will be wholly carbon fiber while its chassis will be crafted from aluminum. The engine will be mounted in between the rear and the middle, the engine orientation is traversing mounted, generating more than 375 bhp. It will be available in one type of drivetrain, that is rear-wheel-drive and a six-speed automated transmission.     

With its distinct aspects inspired by aircraft engineering, the Spyker will not be immune in a highly innovative market of sports cars as it will lock horns with Porsche Carrera and Jaguar F-Type Roadster. It will ignite new wars in the segment as it will offer an ultra-exotic and attractive potent-performance sports elegance car. Though a mere concept, it raised eagerness and is expected in the US soon to drive on suburbs with head turning styling. The recherché-rich drop-top is only native to the Palm Beach or the Pacific Coast Highway, with edgy exclusivity that is unmatched by other cars on the road.

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