The 2015 Jeep Renegade will take the SUV market by surprise

2015-03-20 14:37:06
The 2015 Jeep Renegade will take the SUV market by surprise
The 2015 Jeep Renegade will take the SUV market by surprise

If you are trawling for a pathfinder in the SUV segment, Jeep is the ultimate automaker. With its limited portfolio, the manufacturer either makes large or small cars that are highly potent and aesthetically superb. In the furtherance of its goals, the new 2015 Jeep Renegade SUV subcompact crossover presents a new entry-level version with a wide array of far-reaching rewards to its riders. Its sales pitch will be its quirky off-road manners, excellent dynamics and copiously designed interior that is sprawling with loads of recherché made of high-grade materials. The different models give varying driving capability, sportiest, Jeep Trail rated off-road manners and the overly aggressive driving system. Also notable are twin engines, however, they are slightly different. 

All base Renegade models are outfitted with a turbo 1.4-Liter 4V engine spewing out 160 horsepower as well as 184 pound-feet of twist, the mill is mated to a six-speed manual transmission or alternatively to a nine-speed automated. Shoppers may want to go for the 2.4-Liter 4V which is offered in exclusion with a nine-speed and churns out 180 ponies and 177 lb-ft of twist. The 1.4-liter mill works impeccably when paired with the transmissions, the powerplant giving access to torque in the right gear. Nevertheless, SUV purists would praise the manual transmission owing to easy shift.

 On the other hand, the 2.4 almost generates the same loads of power, with different performance capacity. Since it’s larger, it moves the car smoothly and is poised on highways. It works excellently when mated with a nine-speed transmission, the advanced new gearbox with smooth-shifting.    

Outside, artisans cannot be faulted as the Jeep imbues sleek edges, flowing lines and a conspicuous grille. Headlamps are modernized; alloy wheels complimentary and its tailgates showcase elegant artistic works. Observable and catchy features are replicated inside the cabin, this time; Jeep opted for materials that are the domain of exorbitantly expensive cars. With the dashboard and armrests being sleek to touch, center console that is padded and telemetry connectivity for occupants, this Jeep evokes an aura of post-modernity. The standard infotainment system is 6.5” touch screen controlling the navigation system, Yelp Local Searches and a text and voice recognition capability. Like other models of uConnect, it is also refreshingly easier to operate. 

Apparently, there is a scarcity of space but claustrophobia is avoided by ingenious utilization, but frontal-seats have capacious room. The wide cabin can accommodate three passengers in the second row, but legroom is diminished if tall occupants occupy the frontal seat. When the rear sets are kept, the car gives rear trunk space of 18.5 cu ft, very commendable for a sedan. That burgeons to 50.8 cu ft. with the back seats folded down, average in the segment but arguably handy.

The 2015 Jeep Renegade is averagely small making it a perfect choice for a city car, but its providential space and Jeep’s conventional off-road impeccability makes it fit for couples, sole or family who have a penchant for active lifestyle. Priced affordably, enjoyable to cruise and drenching with predisposition, the new Renegade is a tour de force for the automaker.         

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