The Bentley Continental GT family is notched by multitudes of upgrades for 2016

2015-03-19 12:34:47
The Bentley Continental GT family is notched by multitudes of upgrades for 2016
The Bentley Continental GT family is notched by multitudes of upgrades for 2016

The 2016 Bentley Continental GT is shares its platform roots with the original models launched since 2003 which the automaker has buoyed on in the marketplace. The new Conti GT is a product of substantial restyling of its forefathers, with major face lifting in the interior and exterior. The car’s mill has also been upped to serve up more power, considerable efficient fuel consumption and loads of standard and optional equipment packages. The most conspicuous alteration is the newly designed frontal bumper which now boasts a winged motif, pronounced front wheels’ arches and an adorable trunk lid that enhances the version’s drag coefficient. 

To add on newer components, all GTs come with triple paint colors, including rich-metallic blue, a supple golden tone and Jetstream. Along the same lines, there are fresh sets of alloy wheels, 20-and 21”, with painted or brilliant machined polishes while every lineup model is offered exclusively with distinct wheels as standard. While the tailgate is ajar, an observant will note the cabin is a sprawling plushy compartment. The leatherette passenger and frontal seats are overly padded with an optional Mulliner Driving Spec which is a novel quilting scheme with patterns of diamonds. The steering-wheel is sportier with standard larger shift knobs while driver controls have been overhauled equally. GT’s dashboard now elicits a modern look featuring newer dials, graphics and bright metallic elements all over.

Distinguishing itself from the flock, the instrumental panel is equipped with LEDs for illumination, its gear lever is coated with darkish plastic in lieu of aluminum, and this was meant to curb obstructions in direct sunlight. The entry-level models come with new cargo compartments found in the middle of the rear thrones, occupant’s can charge ultra-modern gadgets. Besides, the interior is perked up with a slew of optional packages, including onboard Wi-Fi connection, Alcantara headliner color blending to multiple leatherette colors and semi-aniline leatherette upholstery and much more. 

The dual-turbocharged, 6.0-L, W12 mill though the same in antecedent models is more potent, it churns out 582 horsepower and 531 lb-ft of twist. This engine incorporates an advanced variable displacement mechanism; this is a cylinder deactivation system that enables the powerplant to operate at partial throttle on half of its twelve cylinders.

Despite being unearthed from the throes of oblivion, the auto-maker has already stoked interest in a new class of buyers who are craving for an ultra-luxurious car like the Continental GT. Thus, despite being based on a model that was put in the market a decade ago, the new GT is a species offshoot that has undergone immense refinements. With minor refreshments on the exterior and inside, revised engine options and modernized designs, the model is poised. Its only downside is the humongous weight it has retained hampering efficiency in fuel consumption, albeit with the manufacturer trying to obliterate this with the W12 engine version. From the foregoing, the model is magnificently crafted and well-equipped with all essentials.         

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