2015 Bugatti 16c Galibier is a perfect model for luxury purists

2015-03-11 11:38:48
2015 Bugatti 16c Galibier is a perfect model for luxury purists
2015 Bugatti 16c Galibier is a perfect model for luxury purists

Bugatti has gained foothold as a luxurious and performance oriented automaker at the global scale. This year, in continuum of this heritage, the manufacturer offers the 2015 Bugatti 16c Galibier, from every angular perspective, it mimics the Porsche Panamera. Also remarkable is the copious cabin and a distinctly manufactured four-entryway hatchback. Underneath the hood, the new Galiber envelopes a potent mill that perks up its smooth and wired handling and driving manners. This model will see Bugatti strengthen its foothold in the emerging plushy hatchback segment that is ruled by technology, evocative style and capacious cabins.  

Open the hood and the 8.0-liter supercharged W 12 engine that churns a surreptitious measure of horsepower. However, the automaker has intimated to the eager buyers it will hit the 800 hp yardstick, this comes behind the Veyron that surpasses 1000. This, plus a speedometer perusal reaching 242 mph is expected to see the 2015 Bugatti 16c Galibier become the most efficient and fastest four-entry globally. The mill will be fine-tuned to ethanol and gas consumption, albeit it is hinted the car will focus more on biofuel to go green.

Interestingly, the automaker also stated that the engine superchargers will be underpinned in a twin-stage style, running on differential outfitting to run faster at low revolutions for twist and slower at high motor speeds for force. It will also incorporate programmed transmission with seven to eight rates, however, it is not pristine if Bugatti will go conventional, include wet-plate grasps or double grip mechanisms like that present in Veyron. AWD will be used in conjunction with carburized-ceramic brakes. The shock absorbers and doors are composed of aluminum while the rest of the portions on the board and a section of the frontal end structure are to be made of carbon fiber to undercut weight.

Although most specifications are not yet disclosed, its styling has been leaked by authentic sources. Its exterior will be remarked by the frontal and rear LED lights with clear illumination and swagger, these blends with eight tailpipes that impart a classical style of the 1930s “57sc Atlantic”. Other welcome refinements include the conventional butterfly-winged hood alongside a horseshoe radiator which is arguably effective on the car.

While the door is ajar, the finely finished rear and frontal seats elicit a luxurious aura in the cabin. Expect the hatchback to integrate ultramodern technology on the telemetry spectrum, including a flexible infotainment and navigation system, Bluetooth Connectivity and voice recognition program. There is rambling space for four adult occupants in the cabin, every passenger will sit in a lodge mimicking the elegance of yachts, with portions of wooden and cowhide materials, including sewn boards on the doors. Much like the ultra-luxury models in the market, the interior components present immense luxury to touch.

Trailblazing the plushy hatchback in future will be the 2015 Bugatti 16c Galibier it comes in line with the aforesaid blueprints. However, you should expect improvements to the car which is expected to the fastest in its market segment.

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