Mercedes Benz E-350 CDI: Local Assembled Powerful Car

2015-03-09 03:04:39
Mercedes Benz E-350 CDI: Local Assembled Powerful Car
Mercedes Benz E-350 CDI: Local Assembled Powerful Car

Mercedes Benz E-350 DCI comes again after a gap of around one year. It is powerful car that has been assembled In India, and sported with V6 3.0 liter engine. The automaker has incorporated a new styling which makes the vehicle eye-pleasing which is a big change vehicle has gone through.

E-Class is the first car which Mercedes Benz launched in India, and since then, it is known as executive luxury sedan. It was 2013, when the automaker launched its two variants: E250 CDI and E200 CDI. The automaker imported the pre-facelift of the E-350 CDI as a CBU. Mercedes Benz has, now, started its manufacturing here in India, and the vehicle has been incorporated with the V6 3.0 liter engine. And the figure the vehicle is cable to deliver is considered to be second best among the class. Let’s know about the powerful vehicle.

The new vehicle has been embedded with the sharp styling element as well as the sharp features; this act seems to be contrary to the style of this German automaker because it is considered that most of the cars of this automaker incorporate the understated styling. It is the impression of the sharp styling that creates an illusion that makes its look lengthier than the real length. It is car that has been made 4.8 meter long. It has been incorporated with a large grille and two good-looking headlamps. Some of the big attractions you will notice with this are sharp lines defining silhouette, attractive rear LED tail lamps, and frontal styling. Over all styling of the car is impressing. The vehicle is similar to the standard E250 for much extent; however, what make it different from that is the badge and the multi spoke alloy wheels; both of them suit the vehicle well.

If you peek inside the cabin, you will find the same layout as E250 has; however, something has been added into it. The interior is well-fitted. You will be amazed when you see four door trim strips, ambient lighting below the dashboard trim, and silver chrome frame. It has been embedded with comfortable and supportive seats so that you have pleasure of amazing riding as well driving. Rear seat has been incorporated with an independent climate control AC. The vehicle has also been incorporated with 360 degree parking camera. Some other attractions are a bigger 17.8 cm high resolution display at the center, Harman Kardon speakers, and blue-tooth telephony. Steering is also fantastic.

It is the variant of the series that has been sported with a huge power figure as it is powered with diesel motor which is capable to deliver 261.5 bhp of power mated with the 620 Nm of torque. According to the company, vehicle is capable to gain 0 to 100 kilometer per hour in just 6.6 seconds. This is the engine which has the most refined huge capacity in India. It is a fantastic car which is capable to offer you not only performance but style too.

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