Toyota Etios Liva-Compact luxury availing car

2014-01-10 00:41:40

Being a small compact car, Toyota Etios Liva traces its history long back to the days of 2011, the car is a super hit for accommodation highlighting safety aspects. Also, the car possesses the 5speed manual transmission with 1.2petrol version with 5door hatchback. Etios has been a stiff competition to its rivals which are similar in size. 

The habit of accustoming to the comfort level is in practice to people from the moment, they feel experiencing it. The sophisticated level is what every human expects. When you think of the comfort, you must go on with very element that bestows you immensely. You may consider the pros and cons of the element which you prefer to buy for you. One such element which attracts every human’s attention is the car. The craze of possessing car is still the same from the introduction days of car. This means that individuals possess the same craze as long as the cars live. The car is usually meant to bestow you the level of comfort and the safety aspects for you to travel very conveniently. When you don’t pick a car considering these aspects, you are the one who suffer. The small family car is your target for you, and then you may go choosing Etios Liva from the house of Toyota who offers quality, with the slogan quality revolution.

Quality car:

Etios Liva is a small budget car, yet focused on giving excellent performance along with safety aspects truly. Moreover, this introduction from the house of Toyota turns a stiff competition to its rivals from the days of its inception. Moreover, this car is the first family car comprising of the above aspects that keep satisfying for a long period of time. Moreover, the option of price tag of this car doesn’t seem to make a hole in your pocket at all. The features of the car includes, climatic control, rear wiper, rear arm rest and rear seat belt all focusing on safety aspects. At the same time, the list didn’t end here, you can even have the options like remote central lock, remote fuel filler, etc for you to get the fullest satisfaction, and Toyota has created this model offering the core level of expectations meeting at the end without the compromise in the quality of the car. This car is a petrol version with a possession of 4 cylinder 16V DOHC that turns delivering the efficiency of fuel at 18.3kmpl. You do have the petrol version based car and diesel version based car by not disappointing the expectations of the car owners.

Safety features a lot:

The car comes with the safety features for those who possess this car such as warning system like Door ajar warning and immobilizer to prevent the accidents. The body features the style and elegance in simple manner without making the car owners feel down. The car comes in vibrant colours and the same is maintained in the car handles, parts of the door and to the mirrors. The wheel turns as the key element that comes with metal alloys. The introduction of the headlight as well as the fog lamps decorates the body completely. The cabin is completely comfortable with much of space as you expect. At the same time, the car provides the central AC system for you. The interior designs and its attractive features can top the Etios Liva by making it in the zenith of fame without making you compromise in none of the salient features which a car has to require. Along with this, the car possess the dual airbags, anti lock braking system and a well music arrangements and a lot more enhancing the safety aspects clearly.

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