2014 Audi S1, The superb subcompact with more power and interior appointments

2015-01-23 11:26:11
2014 Audi S1, The superb subcompact with more power and interior appointments
2014 Audi S1, The superb subcompact with more power and interior appointments

Two years back we showed the door to the Audi A1 Quattro which just sold 333 units and immediately became a collector’s trophy. A production car appealing to wider audience was hinted by Audi and you see that vehicle being sold in Europe. The new Audi S1 of 2014 is the progressive version of the A1 Quattro and it comes at a price of €29,950.

The price is less than what its predecessor commanded and you should not term it as a bargain piece because of that. However if you compare, the Volkswagen GTI current model ends behind the S1 with 1275 Euros and this vehicle is more powerful and larger and sport the same 2.0 Liter EA888 Powerplant. This is a premium brand mini car built to meet lifestyle requirement hence does not have to be cheaper and it has been fitted with more luxury features to substantiate that.

The TSFI engine has a single turbocharger and it offers a power output of 231 horses at the rate of 6000 rpm and 273 lb-ft thrust from 1600 rpm to 3000 rpm. The older engine of the A1 Quattro in comparison made just 256hp and 258 lb-ft.

Restrictions from packaging the Audi has prevented the engineers from using a wet-dual clutch automatic in the car but in turn the car was gifted with the neat-shifting six-speed manual transmission, which also is the only option available to this car. Relying on the road conditions and the driver’s input the AWD distributes power to the front or all four. Power bias is 50% towards the backend at a maximum. Understeer is a possibility and the S1 can be kept in a controlled drift.

For the S1 the power aided steering and the front axle has been strengthened where as the rear axle has been mostly obtained from the PQ35 platform. The S1 is quiet swift on the road and the nicely weighing steering aptly butts in. electric powered dampers are regular but the rubbers can be chosen in either 215/40R-17 or 225/35R-18 sizes. The later choice significantly enhances the performance and the appearance. The S1 offers a linear performance and it takes 5.8 seconds to enact the 0-60mph part and the peak power offered is a high 155 mph. the EPA rating for the Audi would be 23mpg city and 33mpg highway if it were to rate it but this is not likely to happen for this non-for-America hot car, but the test team observed 25 mpg.

The engine note in the S1 sounds interesting and a sound amplifier significantly enhance it into the cabin during higher speeds and engine loads. Rear graphics is punctuated typically by four tailpipes in Audi S style. The S1 has been conceived before an immediate facelift for the standard A1 which is likely to bring in redesigned tail lamps and headlights designed angularly.  The cabin sports comfortable seats and specific gauges and there are several customization options available to alter its look. Direct competition comes from the Mini John Cooper Works and Citroën DS3 Racing and both are hardtops.

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