Nissan MicraK12-A stunning compact car

2014-01-10 00:36:51

Nissan MicraK12 a supermini car traces its history from 2002 with 5speed manual transmission 1.2CR12DE petrol based version which includes 5door hatchback for your convenience. Driving control enhancing performance is special about this car. Most distinctive feature is its driving with safety aspects. 

The cars are the most important element which you need to pay attention for your usage. When you have the requirement of a car, you have to pay focus upon it by considering all its pros and cons, isn’t it? Of course, none can deny the statement. When you have a search for a car, you need to look for its model, specifications, qualitative features and lot more for getting it rightly for a long period of time. Can you get the drift of the point shared? Cars are the elements that signal status and the comfortable drive to you. You may never go in selection of wrong choice of cars in trusting that it helps for a long span, and then your choice can be Micra K12, from the house of Nissan. Nissan cars are much classic for its excellent performance that has no match from its rival side.

Stylish segment:

Micra car is a very stylish yet a compact car for the lowest budget to satisfy all sorts of needs and expectations of the customers. To quench the thirst of possessing a car for a very comfortable ride to avail the owning ability is what a Micra offers. Certainly, but it doesn’t mean the car is no match to satisfy all sorts of needs for name-sake. The car does the justice to what you invest. The Micra K12 is very much trusted by individuals and thanks to the car that it has served rightly and has secured high ratings in mini sales of car for the past three years from its inception. The car turns out to be very much equipped and has been performing efficiently. The stylish aspect of the car is much preserved in its design, yet it comes with some more up gradation of its features. The handles of the car give the body a better colour and a perfect finish. Visibility part of the car, when considered is highly superior with the light accessories along with the light control too. When you think of the cabin size, of course you are not cheated, i.e. the car contains maximum of space for you.

Featured Interiors:

The compact design of the car is much safe and better for women to take a drive, as it’s easy from a woman point of view to handle. A small family can proudly possess the efficient Micra as it can accommodate two adults as well at its rear part. When you think about the safety point, the car possesses the four air bags, along with the presence of electronic stability control and also the anchor point for the kids’ seats in a standard manner. You can never feel down after your purchase of Micra as it offers you all sorts of amenities like, speakers along with audio system, convenient seats for a safe and comfortable drive, and lot more. Also, the highlight is that the car has been awarded the customer satisfaction car as it keeps the promises rightly with its exciting features along with the simple and stylish look much more than what you imagine. 

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